Girl hops on her longboard into a handstand, zooms downhill like a boss leaving guys dumfounded

I’m going to imagine the momentum helps too.

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I think I missed something.

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Just a joke, of course.

I have a recliner, a foot stool and the remotes. I think I’m safe.


Her skull isn’t what’s at risk—it’s her spine. That’s what makes me cringe. Handstanding like that greatly escalates your risk for cervical spinal injuries. Those are the kind that leave you in a wheelchair the rest of your life. And brain buckets can’t do a damn thing to prevent those.

I’m glad she’s an expert but holy hell, if she were my kid I’d be wringing my hands white.


No, we’d just put safety gear just out of frame, possibly just digitally remove the harness later.

We’d just want Harold to be sure to die of old age instead of poor ledge construction.

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Phew. You can never be too careful. Stay safe. :wink:


I like the ones that say, “You’ll never believe how they got out of this without a scratch.”

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Like I said, shut down. A century from now, people will still be watching Jackie Chan break his bones, but nobody’s gonna give a shit about any pretend CGI stuff.

The most salient feature of Harold Lloyd’s oeuvre is his giant balls of steel.


Or Jean-Paul Belmondo doing his own stunts in Fear over the City or in The man from Rio (to only mention his most internationally famous movies).

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WOW! She just did it. No fanfare just zoom!

“You want crushed nuts with that?”

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The guy following her has an iPhone. It can’t be more than a few years ago.

Something about it seems vaguely old-timey, though, yeah. Color balance? The presence of a longboard?

:smiley: This was Vincent’s first bike with rear shock absorber; but even so. it must have left him feeling tingly down there.

I think that Buster Keaton’s stunt with the collapsing building trumps pretty much anything on film ever.


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