Little girl has an iron grip, takes a 360 degree ride


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too bad the videographer didn’t take a 90 degree ride. :wink:


well played, little girl.


The thousand yard stare after the ride was hysterical. You could see her mind processing what just happened and decide it was fun and not terrifying.


Yup, that was great. Now imagine her reaction if the mom had screamed and leapt towards her and picked her up.

Mom did the right thing: laugh and play it cool, and if it turns out the kid is actually hurt, then offer comfort.


So, little girl has negligent parent.


Well it’s a good thing somebody is concerned. Won’t somebody think of the children?


Bad parenting?

A thread to catalog all the other threads

Best parenting.


My immediate reaction surprised me. I’m never like this. Update: tempered my reaction a bit more.

…fine. Maybe it was good parenting to not freak out. But what was she not-thinking in the first place? See your kid tumble around like they’re in a dryer?


Future astronaut / archaeologist.


To everyone who is claiming bad parenting. Please submit a continuous video feed of your believed to be superior parenting skills for full analysis and critique. Thank you for your cooperation.


It’s more of a game than a criticism.


LOL: Well I missed the boat…


Worse than that… losing the shot at the best part. If you’re gonna be cinematographer to your kid’s death-defying stunts, you gotta either commit to getting the shot, or actually leap to make the save.


I have this little twitch that tells me fair play involves showing kids a clue as to how to handle things like that.

I wonder how they handle visits to safari parks?


Hopefully with a measured and proportionate response to the actual, rather than imagined, risk.


Yeah definitely bad parenting between the sidways view and cutting away at the best part. F minus. Call CPS and have them show her how to shoot video JEEZ!


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