Children not getting things quite right


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They’re not failing, they’re learning what not to do. :slight_smile:


Needs more SFX:


Jesus H. Christmas, the kid rolling over in the battery-powered vehicle is why you don’t put kids that young in one. AND without a helmet.

Parents of the year, right there.


Too much vertical video for me. I thought my phone was broken for a minute.


The Flash was genius. That kid’s gonna win an Oscar someday.


Two things struck me while watching this. 1.) all parents laugh, snicker, try to not laugh, when the kids get hurt. 2.) kids are predisposed, when learning to ride a bike, to steer into fences, poles or the nearest solid objects.


What struck me was how little I laughed without Bob Saget’s hilarious narrations.


It’s a well known scientific fact that small children are entropy amplifiers. Condoms and birth control really should be called negentropy devices.


“am I old”
“Yeah…and fat too.”

ok that right off the bat was funny.


Pretty sure the “Boobs!” kid got it right, though. He knows.


They have not yet learned to “Look where you want to go”, and they are looking at the obstacles, so…


The kid at 1:18 saying “don’t put it on Youtube, Mom.”



I never had any of those battery powered things and this video convinced me that neither will my son. Plain old bikes are dangerous enough.


I like to think of kids as very short drunk people.

I’m a teacher.


No, we laugh when our kids fall down. Falling down does not hurt a child, unless the parents panic and scare them. Laughing teaches your kid that a little bump or scrape isn’t the end of the world. But nobody laughs if the hurt is serious. Were there any injuries in this collection?


I feel the same. I’m a parent. :smiley:


The cluelessness of high-strung people freaking out small children and pets never ceases to irritate me. I know they don’t mean to traumatize them, but they’re little emotional antennas, not habituated adults.


Having raised three children and one grandchild, I’ve always had a little laugh when they fell as long as I saw they weren’t seriously hurt. It was interesting to see everyone else doing the same. I always felt a little guilty for laughing, or snickering, but I overcame it. Notice also, that none of them stopped filming…