Children not getting things quite right

It’s cute at first but then it just reminds me how childhood is above all a humiliating, unpleasant medical condition

The addition of electric motors sure does seem to amp up the danger.


I don’t really enjoy watching children falling and don’t think it’s inherently funny when somebody falls. But then I never enjoyed ‘america’s funniest homevideos’ either. Is falling seen as funny in the U.S.? Not trying to be pedantic, just curious. I know we as children considered farting the most funniest hilarioust thing ever, but in germany people did not share our sense of humour and just found it embarassing.

That little T-Rex on the lawn…

But what is it with all these electric carts loosing wheels?

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At the park this weekend we passed a little kid, maybe 2 or 3, carrying a bra. Like a lovey or a stuffed animal.
I was impressed by his parents. I’m not sure I’d let my kid traipse about outside with my bra.

And they require no effort on the part of the child. Any vehicle my kid is going to have will require her to expend some energy. Otherwise she won’t go to sleep at night.

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It’s been hard for me, but I try to make our daughter falling down or bumping her head, or anything a no-big-deal. I can usually tell from her demeanor (or shrieks) if she actually hurt herself. The urge to rush over when she trips and falls is hard to resist.


Makes sense. The protective parental instinct is powerful.

it feels pretty callous to calmly ask a child not yet 2 if she ok and tell her to get back up, she is ok. But it will be worth it in the end

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