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Such a dear young chap.


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[1]: Did you ever want to play questions?
[2]: Little girl has an iron grip, takes a 360 degree ride
[3]: Mad Max mocks machismo
[4]: Sexist scientist "apologizes" for conference remarks, says he was being "honest"
[5]: What is your Band Name, Rapper Name, Album Name
[6]: The new Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer
[7]: Vivienne Westwood drives a tank to David Cameron's house
[8]: Jeb Bush: Leave NSA Alone
[9]: What the hell is going on in this image?
[10]: Why is the "18th century book of satanic illustrations" comments closed?
[11]: Bill Nye on Texas floods and climate change denying politicians
[12]: Rickrolling is sexist, racist and often transphobic in context
[13]: Son of China's richest man thinks two gold Apple Watches is enough for his dog
[14]:Bad parenting?


Script it!


How immanent? Y’all got GPS, right?


Am I doin it right mum?


This is a “hurr, a hurr hurr” moment for me. Take no mind.


Do we need to start a staging thread for regional, political, satirical, or humorous sayings?

I’ll ask the Authorities.


Just Robert Anton Wilson refs.


I just can’t even believe this thread lived for 24 hours, let alone 36. It must be really touching that existential nerve inside a few hardcore Boingers. The only thing we lack here are:


Not enough soul-sucking possible there. I recommend the following for maximum “college-like” sweatshop vibe:


Oh yeah, I was envisioning the Executive Suite.


We have a problem. A huge one. @crenquis posted “this thread needs more creep” not here!


What a creep. He is fired. (Unfortunately Bob in the Bursar’s Office is in the hospital, due to stress and overwork and amphetamines. He is the only one with override this weekend, so we are stuck until at least tomorrow.)


The oversight steering, steering oversight committee.


Bob, in his better days. He ain’t looking so good right now.