Bad parenting?


How many threads can you - contextually - respond to with this simple question:

Bad parenting?

Please try to keep it on-topic, legitimate response.

For example:

##NOTE: if you get a Body is too similar warning, try a variant:

#Bad parenting?

Bad Parenting?

Bad parenting?  

Bad parenting? 

Did you ever want to play questions?
Little girl has an iron grip, takes a 360 degree ride
Hastert paid man $1.7 million to hide sexual abuse, federal official says
A thread to catalog all the other threads

Why would people play this sort of game?


Bad parenting?


Bad Paragraphing?


Bald parachuting?


How about when the kid was in preschool letting him watch AquaTeenHungerForce? Most responses from other adults to hearing him say ‘Gentlemen Behold!’ was either ‘Awesome!’ or ‘You are raising that kid right’

Getting him to learn the lyrics to Trogdor? I can still go ‘and the Trogdor burns in the…’ and he will go ‘niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight’

edit oh making fun of the posts, nevermind and carry on then.


Oh, I improved on your technqiue by adding some chiarascuero shading…



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