Pants-wettingly funny summary of every Dad-kid discussion, ever


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I read this on Slate and had to forward it to my wife. Not only is it 100% accurate, but the kid-to-grownup translation is unparalleled.


[quote=“Donald_Petersen, post:2, topic:67536”]Not only is it 100% accurate[/quote]Truly? I figured that it substituted comprehensible dialog for a good deal of screaming.



See, that’s where the excellent translation comes in. But the philosophical beats are all there.


You know, I think I’ve had conversations like that where both the parties were adults.

No, I’m not saying which one I was.


I’m adding better bladder control than Cory Doctorow to my resume. But it was amusing.


Gif or it didn’t happen.


I have this conversation with my son almost every day, and he can’t even talk!


I do not have children nor do I ever plan on having children although I do work as a Government Contractor and these conversations are eerily familiar to me.


According to Erma Bombeck, the first two years of a child’s life consist of Mom and Dad trying to get their child to talk; the next 11 are used to get him or her to shut up, and then time spent after that is to get him or to talk to Mom and Dad again.

Through personal experience as a mom, and through observing other families, I’d say she was spot-on, for the most part. Now, as to what the child says as being comprehensive…well, she didn’t go into that. And rightly so, because it varies from child to child.


I have that shoe conversation with my 3 year old every morning. Every. Morning.



That’ll do it!


I swear I just had this conversation a minute ago.

Me: NO. NO MORE I FRIGGIN’ CHING… [size=10]ada[/size][size=6]madre[/size]


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