Toddler explains how babies are born in 4 seconds


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My explanation is: Mommy & Daddy knocked boots, bam you came out!

Scientific and accurate!


That’s exactly the way my kids describe it, except my daughter always pronounced it “vagiña.” Her mother and I still pronounce it that way to this day, to much mutual mirth.


Thank goodness for the… silent… gif…


But . . . how did that thing get there in the first place?


Sex ed: Just tell them straight when they ask. It’s that simple.


You might be a redneck if, when asked by your kid where babies come from, you respond, “a sixpack.”


Should you wait until they ask?


Yes. If they don’t wonder, they’re not ready for the answer.


I don’t remember specifically asking my parents about sex. But I also don’t remember not knowing where babies came from. I wonder if they volunteered the info?


Most kids I know asked around 3-5 years old, usually when they became aware of babies other than themselves and/or saw a pregnant woman.

If a kid hasn’t asked by the time they hit puberty, that probably means they’ve already asked someone else :wink:


That’s what I figure. I wasn’t about to wait for that.


Thanks, that’s much better than my standby about “bumping each other’s uglies.”


My 5th grader came home once saying there was a rumor going around that Asians couldn’t have sex. That led to a frank discussion about what sex is.


I remember knowing everything except how the sperm got into the vagina. I imagined sperm looking like miniature versions of the “Hey Koolaid” character that busted through walls in the TV commercials of the day. It was super scary imagining them busting into mommy’s vagina when nobody was looking.

I think that is why this girl is so endearing; she doesn’t seem to have any of that confusion that was going around during and before the sexual revolution.


Mind blown: Just after posting the above comment I came across this:


Hee hee. You “came across” it.

Hee hee hee!


I’ll raise you one Outdoorsy Family.


Wait… What is going on in this picture? I’m so confused right now.


Good heavens. I hope the experience wasn’t so traumatic that you blocked it from your memory.

I got lucky. The mother of one of my best friends was an obstetrician. He told us all about it during show and tell. The poor teacher nearly had a coronary.