Popular Science answers your TMI questions


Frankly if you are old enough to read about periods, you are definitely old enough to have stopped referring to poop. Infantile language is ridiculous in this context and I find it insulting.

Nonsense, Fee_Berry! I can only assume that you must be child-free. Maggie is merely getting warmed up for the near constant use of the word poop that is the lot of new parents. And let’s not forget pooping during labor - get ready for it!

Dismenorrhea, the gift that keeps on giving. I do not miss that AT ALL.


On the contrary I have three children, and I have no problem with any of the physical realities of life, only with writers treating women as children.

Fee_Berry, As a woman, it’s a bit insulting to me to be told that I can’t be silly without losing credibility. “Poop”, as a word, is funny. You apparently disagree, but that’s your personal preference, not a serious issue with me treating other women in an infantile way.


Meanwhile, us older guys see the headline and expand TMI as Three Mile Island…

Life is an amazing collection of kluges, with all sorts of less-than-ideal interconnections and reuses and adaptations and commensalisms and so on. We’re going to continue finding more unexpected quirks as we learn more of the details. It’s a good thing we come pre-programmed to find it all fascinating (though cultures have tried to discourage various aspects of that interest).

As far as “poop” – Solemnity is a pose; seriousness is an attitude, Standing on your dignity is a great way to get footprints on it. If you’re worrying about a word being “infantile” – and I disagree with that assessment – you’re wasting energy that could be better invested in things that actually matter.

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Poop. I love that word. And stool too. When you clean a lot of shit up, a fun word helps (four kids, three boys, a lot of poop and not all of it contained).

The article also tells you why pregnant women get constipated, it isn’t the prenatal vitamins with iron, although they do not help, nope, it is the sky high levels of progesterone. Fun times. And most women have a cleanse before they go into labor too, that’s how some of us know it is near time.


How 'bout that. Not only did I learn a fascinating and illuminating new fact, but another reason to believe there is no such thing as “Too Much Information.”

As for getting “insulted” by the use of an “infantile” word such as “poop,” well, let us consider the source. It’s Popular Science, after all, not Science for the Mature (If Slightly Insufferable) Sophisticate.


I wish to subscribe to this genteel publication you so eloquently described!


I can’t tell which direction your undies are bunched in. Instead of “pooping,” would you prefer “experiencing a bowel movement,” or “shittin’?”


Party Pooper.

Bowel Movement always sounds like a grass roots organization for people really into shit.


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