Annoyed pregnant woman purposely trips little boy and gives him a concussion


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Remember this piece of work?


Assholes are everywhere nowadays.


I’m practicing to revenge-trip an asshole right now.


I guess pregnant lady doesn’t need to fly anywhere.


I don’t think it’s a moral issue…it’s an assault issue.

I have to say, most people will say I am a good parent to my 3 kids. I will willingly admit I cannot stand other people’s kids anymore specifically young kids. I cannot deal with someone’s 5 year old brat running around uncontrolled. That being said I wouldn’t even think of tripping the kid as a result. Maybe yelling at the parent “Could you get your kid under control!!!” but I wouldn’t ever take it out on the child. I usually just move to a different space.


Exactly right. Can people not talk to each other anymore. “Hey get a handle on your kid, I’m trying to eat.”

You trip my kid and give them a concussion, now we’re beyond words.


Okay, everybody…say it with me.

You dick!





Let’s hope this woman’s creepy and aggressive dislike of enthusiastic children somehow vanishes once she has her own child (who we should start feeling sorry for right now).


And in that particular instance I don’t think it was an out of control kid at all. They sent him for chop sticks. He pushed through the stupid plastic flap thing and it had that one in a million chance trajectory that it hit her in the face.

I might even argue why would you sit at the door near that thing anyway. Sit at another table.

So especially in this case why blame the child. It was definitely an accident.


More abundant than hydrogen.


And twice as smelly.


I know expectant women get all kinds of unsolicited parenting advice but HOLY CRAP lady I sure hope you work on that before you become responsible for a child of your own.


No odor, but if one adds sulfer… yes!



“Diiimm, suummm… he fell hard!” (Are Dark Puns an official comedy genre?)

Also, this lady is British? Does “tackling” mean “tripping” in UK English? I’ve never heard it used like that before, or is it just her?


From the POV of the person doing the tripping, the boy is an object, so nothing happened to anyone. Good luck convincing otherwise. Good luck with consequences.


Some people can only punch down, and kiss up.

I assume she kissed the ass of authority to get the sentence dropped for punching down at a child.

A real piece of work that one.


I don’t get it, but it’s also not lookin’ good.


So other than Outrage Click Farming, what’s the purpose of this post? Is BoingBoing turning into Outbrain/Taboola? It used to be a Directory of Wonderful Things…