Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark

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What could she do? I’m not sure what I would have done. Clearly, he knows mom can’t just grab him and take him outside. He thinks he has all the power - and so does she. Therefore, he does.



Who is to blame?

Feckless and indulgent parents are bad enough, but the ones who depend on a tablet as a calming device really need to reconsider taking their spoiled offspring out in public.


She could strap her child into their seat and act like a parent, for one.


Why was the child screaming? Was he scared of the plane flight? Was he sick (an ear infection might cause excruciating pain)? Or was he simply a spoiled brat who needed some parental attention? If Mom had any clue the kid was going to be so awful, I would have suggested looking into calmatives.


And even if not, DO HER DAMN JOB as a parent. There simply is no excuse for this crap.


I was on a Lufthansa A340-600 a few weeks ago, from LAX to FRA. I gotta say, they are quiet aircraft. The engine noise, and the noise of the air flowing over the airframe … they’re both really muted compared to pretty much anything else, even right down teh back in cattle.

Lovely aircraft to travel on because of that. Maybe not this aircraft, but in general, I’d be happy to fly on a 340-600 again.

  1. In fairness, this is a common reaction when finding out you are going to NJ.

  2. I am either a god like parent, or have a saint as a kid, but despite flying with my kid multiple times when she was younger and older than this kid, we never had anything like that happen. In fact, she has never even really melted down for more than a few minutes. One of her worst public melt downs I had people still telling me shes adorable :confused: I think I am just lucky to have a very well behaved kid. But I assure you I don’t think I would have ever let things get that badly with my kid.


Only thing I could think is that he is special needs.


I suspect that the kid is on the autism spectrum and has a pretty significant emotional disability. Having grown up with siblings who were diagnosed with autism, I can tell you that the 8 hours of “demonic” behavior is sometimes a normal day.

After watching the video, I feel far more sympathy for the parents than I do for the passengers. They were at wits’ end and there was probably very little they could do in that situation.


I puked, and something is coming up again…

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Future Chancellor.


Whether it’s an unusually unruly/special needs child or an unusually inattentive parent, remember: the other passengers were stuck with the kid for 8 hours. The parent(s) are stuck with the kid for the next 15 years.


This is literally what quaaludes were made for.


1 in 20 kids will do this if you try and sedate them with anti-histamines. could be that.


That’s most likely true. That mother must have a very challenging life.


you sound disappointed.

Rather than shut down a discussion, how about forwarding the one you’d like to see had?


I’m a parent of a kid with chronic ear problems. Up and down in a plane was often incredibly painful for him. But we never let him run rampant on the plane (and NO I did not watch that video, thank you very much)

But I’ve also been on a transcontinental flight where the child directly behind me yelled and screamed and kicked like a mule on meth and our row just took it, hour after hour, fingers in ears, grimacing apologetically to each other… ‘it’s the ears’ I said… until… a nurse three rows up finished her movie, took off her noise cancelling headphones and immediately came back to ask what is wrong with your child? dunno, her arm? she was playing with an uncle just before getting into the security line and he dislocated her elbow (he was flinging her around in circles up and down). Ice, immobilization, ibuprofen, popsicles or whatever was to hand and suddenly everyone was so sorry they wished the dear child had been thrust out the airlock. Oops. Did I just think that or type that? never mind…

I’m not going to watch that video, but man, I’ve walked a few thousand miles in those shoes.


Demonic plane flies from Germany to Newark

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