Mom feared being beaten by United crew, so she didn't complain when her son's seat was given away

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“See? The system works!” --unofficial United statement.


Given a choice at a similar price I don’t know why anyone would fly United.


I would rather by shot toward my destination by a giant slingshot than fly United.


Given a choice at a similar price

Nearly all people on nearly all routes have no reasonable choice between airlines.
Airlines, like so many other industries in late-stage capitalism, are duopolies or oligopolies.

That said, I’d gladly fly with my toddler on my lap if it meant free travel!
3 hours for a free flight and travel voucher?
Sign me up!


Hey United Airlines…are you owned by the orange pus bag currently holed up in the white house? You sure act like it and like the pus bag you are not capable or willing to change your behaviors. Is this just a corporate death wish? You should just go out of business rather than continuing to harm innocent people. I’m gonna do my best to help you…I fly a fair amount and I’ll never again use your company. Do the right thing United. Go out of business, just stop fucking with people. What’s wrong with you?


United is working on that as an alternative service to the beatings.


They gave her a travel voucher. She paid $1000 for a service they took away, and they gave her a voucher instead of her money back.

ETA: Wait, they refunded the ticket, AND gave a voucher. I’ll slow my roll here.


I’ll just note the last time we had a United thread, UAL stock is STILL doing amazing things right now:

That’s $76.44, up from 17 bucks and change a mere five years ago. Perhaps we should ALL start abusing our customers.

(Please, don’t.)


They got us right where they want us: afraid.


Neither of the linked stories say whether the kid’s ticket was refunded.

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See? This is an improvement: she and or her child weren’t beaten. Buy United!
/s (only sorta kinda… actually, I’d rather fly one of Frontier’s awful airbus A320s cross country rather than United)

I really wonder how things would have gone if this passenger had complained and tried to get things sorted. I don’t think that they would have beaten her, but i can’t imagine that they would have been very helpful either. The seat had already been re-assigned and the easiest solution would have been to get her to take a different flight. Still, reading that this passenger feared for her safety in regards to an airline is pretty telling as to how bad flying has gotten.


Well finally all that bad press equals some compliant passengers!

Also - holy shit, $1000 from Boston to Houston? I hope they gave her dinner with that.

Also - she better have gotten all her money back at least. ETA - click through to article, yes they did.

Also - if it is illegal for a 27mo to sit on a lap, report it to the FAA.


I used to have a policy that I don’t fly if I can drive to my destination in less than 8 or 9 hours. Last summer we drove two days (15+ hours on the road) to get to our vacation destination and we’re doing it again this summer. So it appears that my policy has evolved to drives of less than 20 hours or so are now better than flying. I can see it converging to places to which it is possible to drive should not involve airlines.


Better do that soon before Trump puts the airlines in charge of regulating themselves.


but deregulation trickle-down increases competition!!! Don’t you even know how to cherry pick data?!?


I hate driving so if driving involves a full day drive i would rather fly. That’s 2 days doing nothing but being on the road that could have been spent either relaxing or working and it’s wasted time/money. But not everyone’s priorities are the same, and if you and your significant other don’t mind the drive then more power to you :slight_smile:

I would like to do a long road trip across the US some day though! Been casually discussing it with a Swedish friend of mine. The working plan right now (loosely speaking) seems to be to fly to Canada or somewhere in north US, rent a car and drive down to Texas.


Fear is destroying us.


“We apologize to the public for getting caught again following our stated policy. As there is no downside for mistreating the flying sheep, er passengers, no actual policy change will take place, Now please get back in line before you are beaten.”