Angry mom texts 35-year-old man instead of her daughter, hilarity and outrage ensues


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I can’t stand people who double down and blame other people when they are clearly wrong and start hurling insults.


Yeah, that doubling down when you’re wrong is pretty ugly.


Maybe she should run for pResident?


“you did not sound sincere.”

It was a text. There’s not much “sound” to go on, you are basically reading the words and hearing your daughter’s voice in your head, so of course it sounds like “she” is joking with you.


Twas but a scratch.


Jesus, loosen the bone Wilma


I like it just fine. Effortless comedy!


I get texts and facetime requests from children in the UK trying to reach their friend with the same name. I keep a photo of myself holding a sign that says I’m not him. I just reply with that because they always think I’m just fucking with them when I say they have the wrong address.


He should have used the sincere font…


You absolutely can stand it, you big ol’ asshole!


I had a similar experience several years ago, although it ended in threats of violence when I suggested the guy should take his phone back to the store since he was too stupid to own one :smiley:


This entire exchange seems fake to me. And a total waste of time to boing boing visitors.


Are you disappointed with Boing Boing?


that is great! I had no idea such a list existed. Is it real or are you messing with me?


Does it sound sincere?


And all I ever get is txts saying I’ve been approved for a $1000.00 dollar loan.


It is real and the site editors are the ones with access to it.


AFAICT the previous owner of my phone just dropped off the earth. Mostly that was just annoying when I’d get texts from his weed-seeking (and one time in-jail) friends, but it got sad when his daughter kept trying to reach him at my number. I had to text her, explaining what had happened and that I had no idea how to reach him. I tried to be as kind as I could, but it still sucked. :frowning:


The exchange sounds 'legit but I’m struggling with how she could have not known since her daughters number would be in contacts/favs. When was last time you typed out someones, who is your contacts, number.

In fact, now that I think about it I have 3 kids and do not know any of their numbers.