Have you texted your textdoor neighbor?


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I do what I do with my next-door neighbor, I block them, hire a PI and send my dog to their yard.

[Not really, our neighbors are really nice folks. They even pet-sit for us when we’re both traveling.]



So you text some stranger? And then it’s hilarious when this stranger doesn’t understand who you are or why you’re texting them? Am I following this?


Kids these days, right?




Hey look, another annoying thing the kids are doing! Bah, get off my lawn phone.


One of my text door neighbors is my wife.


Nope but someone with an area code number one off of mine (2-300 miles away) kept leaving their number with every business they could. I got calls from their pharmacy, their realtor, their dog groomer, and finally their mom. :helmet_with_cross: :island: :dog2: :older_woman: :map: :question:

The dog groomer place’s name was hilariously punny and everyone was really nice about the situation (possibly because I was helpful?). I didn’t get any more calls after their mom called. All in all 5/5. Would deal with repeated human error again. :star:

The time someone intentionally used the wrong number (happened to be my work cell) for their kids’ school so they wouldn’t get emergency alerts from school? 0 of 1,000,000 on all fronts. 0 of 500,000 for being a jerk on one and and on the other 0 of 500,000 for not validating phone number subscriptions with a text before applying them. :no_good: :no_bell: :no_entry_sign: :arrow_right: :two: :zero: :zero: :money_with_wings:

If I get texts from numbers I don’t recognize, I ignore them until they identify themselves. Fair warning. :cold_sweat:


Reminds me of the days before Windows had a built-in and activated firewall, and you could peruse the c drives of the people on the same network segment as you.


Yeesh! On the other hand, I know more than a few parents who would non-consensually farm out their parental responsibilities if they thought they could get away with it.


Until I figured out how to get my number off that list, I got to find out how many times that one school was on lockdown in any given period of time. It was kind of terrifying to think about. I think the service wasn’t the same way parents got notified if their specific kid had an issue (I didn’t have to log in or verify … I just put my number in and told them not to call me anymore). If I had kids, I think I’d want to know if the school was on lockdown or a school cancellation or whatever but maybe it’s not quite as bad as dropping the ball parentally. Kind of drifting off topic on my end, I just don’t want to give them too hard a time about it.


And the other half, based on the message board, are the kids who initiated contact and weren’t prepared for someone to answer.


People with numbers in their email should do this too:
Hey, someguy6@aol.com, I’m someguy7@aol.com!!!
How’s it going? You ever talk to someguy@aol.com? Real jerk about misdirected email…


A coworker found some pr0n in another division, back in '95 or so. The IT division, as it happens.


We’re trending, @lamaranagram!


Whilst it does sound interesting, after the experience we had in the past:

-someone is given our number presumably in error.
-said person rings us several times a week for months because they won’t believe us when we say [person’s name here] does not live here and assumes it’s some big prank on them.
-over time said person gets increasingly irate that we won’t give the phone to [person’s name here], reasoning with them / logic / even ignoring them has no effect. D:

I wouldn’t want to risk cold-contacting a random number in fear of finding another loon.




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