Scam? My email used to buy plane tickets

So today is the third time that a woman has used my email while booking a flight in the last few months.

No activity on my CC. Just seems to be using my email when booking. I get all the emails related to the reservation, the ticket, receipts etc. The only contact info is my email.

After the second time I contacted the airline and they sent me several emails that they were on it. But then that faded.

I also found a person on Facebook with the same name and ties to both locations on the ticket. But she never responded.

Using the info in the email I was able to log into the reservation system. I was hoping for an option to add some upgrades to get her attention but there wasn’t anything on this flight. I could click the cancel button to cancel the flight but if this is just some sort of accident on her part that would be pretty mean.

Is this some sort of scam? I’m not sure how it would be but I don’t think like a scammer.

I’m not sure why this bugs me so much but it does. Mostly I’m tired of the WTF is going on feeling.


The spouse keeps getting email from the Ireland Tax service for someone else’s return info. They seem to not take the hint that is not the same as whatever the local gmail is for Ireland.


I kept getting emails for someone else’s t-mobile cell phone account. I tried contacting t-mobile to tell them that something was wrong, but they seemed unconcerned.

It’s kind of like when someone gave a supermarket pharmacy my cell number, and I kept getting calls from the pharmacist who told me that the doctor won’t renew some prescription. I’ve told them that I have no idea who the person they’re trying to call is, and that they have nothing to do with me, but for whatever reason, I keep getting bothered. Ultimately, I just blocked their calls.


This person is always between Minneapolis and San Francisco.

There is not similarity between her name and my email.

Reminds many years ago, there was a family that had a yearly reunion. And one of the family members had an email close to my email. Every year for 5 or so years, someone would typo his email and then everyone else just did a reply all. I’d finally get through to someone to get me off of all the replies and to please add the missing guy back on their planning list. Yes yes thank you they would say. Next year, same mistake. Same back and forth. I thought it would never end.

Every so often I get calls from a text book supply company saying I am past due. Every time I say I have nothing to do with text books. They seems shocked. They ask if my number is new. I explain my number was new before flip phones were invented. They say they will update their records. Half a year later, ring ring. Text book supplier calling again. I looked them up and the company exists although I have no idea if the caller is actually associated with the real company.


Sadly, there’s little you can do about this. Shitty systems will let you add any e-mail you want without any validation, and then you’ll get the e-mails. My Gmail account uses some common words and I get dozens of random sign-ups for things monthly.

Typically if I can, I will close their account or change their password but what I can actually do tends to be inversely proportional to the sketchiness level of the site. “Good” sites like Facebook, Google, etc will request confirmation and allow me to mark the account as fraudulent while sketchy sites may not even allow me to close the account (but I can at least change their password so prevent the user from ever being able to use it).

Is it some sort of scam? I really don’t think so – it seems like you can do a lot more harm to them by cancelling their flights than they can do to you. If the airline isn’t willing to do anything about it, and the person on Facebook didn’t ever get back to you it seems like your options are pretty limited.

You can be evil and cancel their flights since you have the power to do this, you can contact the airline again (maybe tweet their CEO or something to get some traction – public shaming and pointing out security worst practices can be a big motivator), or you can go with the passive approach of marking those e-mails as spam.


Last year someone used my email to sign up for Netflix as part of their cable service. I changed the password and enjoyed free Netflix for 3 months before they noticed.

That was my thought too but of course good scams don’t look like scams so doesn’t hurt to ask.

I’m not evil enough to cancel her flight. I might try contacting the airline again. I will search for their previous correspondence and show them the new flight details and yes, point out I have full access to a customer account of their’s that isn’t mine.


Last year a tow truck coordinator (Honk!) somehow got my personal number added to their database as a tow truck operator. I was getting at least twenty calls a day from them trying to get me to tow broken down vehicles. When I contacted them they told me to log into my account to change the number, which of course I couldn’t since I never had an account. It took four days to finally get someone to understand that I didnt have a tow company and get it resolved.


Someone in Mexico is using a variant of my primary email for their Uber account. Every time this person uses Uber, I get the electronic receipt with all the details. I’ve contacted Uber customer service, and amazingly they responded, assuring me that my address is not in their files. I still get the emailed receipts. It just feels creepy to me.


I get emails for someone else’s credit card… including their payments. Different name than me.

I am not sure who to report it to.


The vendor would be the contact there.
Either that or get your self a drop site and a new laptop.


This has happened to me too. It’s someone with a similar name and email, and occasionally I’ve had her emails pop up in my Gmail box.

One company has repeatedly sent me email receipts of her purchases. I contacted them via email multiple times and even phoned them, telling them I understood the error, but they needed to fix it since it was a breach of their customer’s privacy. Nothing for a few months… then another e-receipt. I gave up and marked it as spam.

I’ve been halfway tempted to try to contact her myself… it’s possible we could be related somehow. But I won’t, because it might seem creepy.


The “free” version of Gmail is always "".


That is bizarre.

Someone in Thailand was using my Grab account (Grab is like Uber). They were paying with cash since I didn’t attach attach a CC. When I contacted Grab they said no worries and locked my account which fixed the immediate problem but not sure what to do when I need a ride next time in SE Asia.

I’m sensing I am not the only one with this problem.

Have you seen this movie:

Interesting I wonder what the percentage of internet users have the issue?

So strangely I got a new email from the airline. :slight_smile:

Dear Gary,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your contacting us to let us know that you received information regarding another Customer’s Southwest itinerary.

We send our Customers information about their upcoming travel (confirmation receipts, boarding passes, flight notifications, etc.) to the primary form of contact provided during the booking and/or check-in process. It appears that the Customer who entered the email address in this reservation may have typed it incorrectly. Please delete any emails that you received since they were sent in error. I apologize for any inconvenience—especially if this was not the first time you’ve received a confirmation email in error.

We hope that you will look to Southwest whenever you are planning future trips as it would be our pleasure to welcome you onboard.


Kaylea Lewis, Southwest Airlines


I just got two emails from Apple that show someone is using my email address to try to establish their Apple ID.

I don’t know whether to be worried for my privacy, or feel sorry for someone who can’t figure out why they’re not getting their confirmation code emails.


I’ve gotten these from Twitter and the IRS.


So now she has purchased a ticket from SF to DC on a different Airline. I kind of thought she must have a typo in in SW airline account and so every ticket with them had the same error. But now this flight is on Alaska. It hard to imagine someone mistypes their email every time they buy a plane ticket AND doesn’t notices that they never get’s anything from the Arline in their email.

ETA: Just like SW, Alaska gave me full access to her reservation. I notified Alaska that she will be bringing an emotional support animal. They will be asking for her supporting paperwork when she checks in. I was hoping they would give me a text box to state the type of animal. But just a radio button.

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It’s Alaska. I suggest a wolverine.


HAHAHA that’s better than mine. I was going to put ostrich.


So long as you are never charged for anything and it doesn’t have your name in it…you could just ignore it entirely.

Another option would to maybe have some fun with it…mean fun…but ya know…log in using the email address and change the password. You could then mess with her stuff.


I called the wrong number leaving VMs to my mother for 5 months because I was one digit off in my memory.

Finally the nice lady that had been getting all of my messages to my mom got a hold of me and told me.

Don’t forget some of us are stupid.