Gifted clarinetist's prestigious scholarship sabotaged by ex-girlfriend

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Sheesh. What a horrible piece of shit she is.


Woah, holy shit that is evil :confused:

Also, good luck trying to get blood from a stone? Unless she has a trust fund or something, I doubt one will ever collect that debt.


Yeah. All of that and… Given the inherently unreliable nature of email, sending an acceptance letter to an extremely rare opportunity via such medium is an extremely poor choice. A postage stamp is really not that expensive. An even better choice is to use both.


There should be a word for the occasion when an important message gets accidentally routed to one’s spam folder and goes unseen until it is too late. “Spamboozled” might work, but I think the scale of such a tragedy calls for something long and German.

music was his life and being able to study under renowned clarinet instructor Yehuda Gilad was a dream that was so close to coming true.

Perhaps the ex-girlfriend did not appreciate the significance of the opportunity. It seems strange that one’s professional development should hinge on studying under one particular instructor, but no doubt performance art is a different world at that level.


What a horrible, selfish thing to do.

That said, I can already hear the gleeful crowing of the MRA/misogynist crowd, pointing to this as ‘proof’ that “We told you so! Women are evil!”

Also, @SeamusBellamy, there’s a typo in your post where you refer to Gilad as "Gilead. "


Oh, I’m thinking she will be making payments for a long time. People pay off mortgages in the same way, so as long as she works, she should be making restitution payments.


Sending an email acceptance letter is one thing, and using some sort of backup to keep it from getting lost is a good idea.

But “he” immediately replied to reject the acceptance letter. At that point, why send a backup? If the backup was already sent, how do we know it wasn’t equally “lost”?


What a loving gesture! She reminds me of Laina!

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That’s when I knew that something underhanded was afoot,

Are we stuck in a Wes Anderson film?


Kids these days with their lah-di-dah computer thingies… what happened to just hiring a couple of thugs to break some limbs?


She really grabbed him by the clarinet.


In fairness, snail mail is also extremely weak against domestic insider threats; especially if their work or school hours leave them at home at strategic times.

Doesn’t explain why this admission wasn’t handled by email, mail; and phone (for two students a year one can presumably spare the time); but the psycho roommate case is one of the few where even horrible electronic channels can be more resistant than paper. She probably could have disposed of a paper form without leaving a trail that was still there for inspection long after the tampering; but noobs generally underestimate what a clean electronic tampering operation requires.


One of the worst things here is that, as I’ve long been fond of saying, email is NOT a trustworthy means of communication. Just look at how many people fall for phishing scams for a good example.


Indeed. Canadian law might be different, but in the US the court has the power to garnish wages and bank accounts. If she opens an account and doesn’t report it to the court, that’s another fraud charge when she gets caught.

Indeed, rather than the actual lesson that a certain percentage of people are evil. But to them, women aren’t people, so that’ll go right over their heads.


This is what happens when you trust people. Better to be alone, with my cats.


Everyone is hating on the poor girl, but come on - she obviously grew up watching romantic comedies, where these kind of wacky hijinks would be charming and result in everlasting luuuv.
Seriously though, Christ, what an asshole.

Yeah, but your cats are just waiting for an opportunity to eat you, so…


Cats hate clarinets!


“This one time, at band camp…”


Well, I think that all reasonable people can agree that Jennifer Lee now holds absolute claim to the relevant meme by right of conquest.

Probably a good reason for not attending court.

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