Bizarre text messages sent to wrong number


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And people wonder why I don’t ever answer numbers I don’t recognize…


I sometimes wonder if there are a lot of female dogs named “Karma” (or indeed “Carma”, as in this case)


I have a relative named Carma, but she’s not a dog.


No, she’s right. Carma IS a bitch.


I really wonder what all this texting is doing to people’s brains.


My Dogma.was run over by Carma.


It’s certainly a mental exercise trying to decipher them!


I was wondering if he/she wasn’t talking about karma, but some other woman named “CARMAN”, since the text was “CARMA N IS THE REAL BITCH”-- with so much poor spelling and “grammer” there is a lot of room for interpretation. I probably would have started defending “my good friend Carman”, a la “Why bring Carman into this, she is not a bitch, she happens to be a Coptic nun and and she has never even met Dawn!”


Yeah the ‘stroke girl’ phrase really creeped me out.


I just hope the person doing all that texting wasn’t driving at the same time. Then again it might explain a few things.


My take is that Dawn, who just suffered a stroke, relayed the wrong phone number to her relative, who is understandably distraught and lashing out haphazardly while trying to juggle logistics around getting Dawn safely home.


Even with the information that was scrubbed out, it seems like it would still be relatively easy for a bored and empathy-challenged group of internet trolls to identify and harass this person, who, while comically presented, seems to have actually had to deal with some shit. Why not continuing scrubbing, a-la [city name, state name] and b______ and T________ ? Maybe Bobbie and Travis are psychopaths, and the caller really has had to deal with a mind-bending web of lies, or vice-versa. The whole thing comes off more mean spirited than funny.


I got a gmail account early and chose my first name, a dot, then my last name for my address. I’ve learned a lot about all the other people with my name. Glad this doesn’t happen with texts.


Hmmm. Are we related? My mother and my cousin are both named Carma, and they’re the only two I’ve ever heard of with that spelling.


I agree. I thought the timing of the “joke” was not so funny. The texter seemed to be dealing with a friend or relative (Dawn) who not only had had a stroke, but appeared to have a lot of drama going on around them complicating the situation. Texter seemed to also be part of the drama, IMHO, but I didn’t think it was kind to make fun of her.

Here’s an example of how to do it right:


I dunno, I think she got the right number and this “thebearpoker” is lying! That makes the most sense!


It bothered me too because I thought “stroke girl” was a back-formation from “stroke magazine.”


My first reaction is to wonder if the person who initiated the text exchange might be suffering from some mental illness (bipolar)? Perhaps not entirely cool to push her buttons.


People apply this same steadfast logic (No way I’m wrong ! Can’t fool me!) to voting. Le sigh.