Ovary Actions: menstruation euphemism gifs to smash period taboos


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Super cool, but “affects half the population monthly” is some ageist bullshit.


Corrected! Thanks. I’m female and “old-ish” (and accidentally ageist).



Perhaps coincidentally, this week I had a lifetime record of two people email me about their menstruation. Previous record: 0.


/whistles innocently


Now I want to see a “fallen to the communists” artwork.


Huh… Didn’t realize “society” was overreacting to menstruation. I figured the stigma level was comparable to that of taking a big, fat dump. Yeah it’s natural, and everyone knows it happens all the time. But describe yours in vivid detail and noses will wrinkle.

The images are pretty great, though.


Ask any 10 year old (literal or at heart) and they’ll tell you that big fat dumps are funny. But big sloppy periods? I’d wager it wouldn’t go over quite so well. It’ll be a great day when we get there though!


Fair point. By 10, though, kids are far more experienced with feces than menses. I saw dogs poop all the time, but my pets were always spayed if female.

Maybe we need fewer clever adult euphemisms for periods and more silly kids words like “poop” and “booger”


It’d be great for the silly words to catch up. “Gunk” is my contribution to this new era of unashamed, body-positive foolery.


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