32 helpful everyday tips


Or please don’t pour salt on anything but food at the bar. It most likely doesn’t keep anything from sticking to anything else and you’ve essentially just created a mess that some one else is going to have to clean.


Reminder: baby wipes are not flushable, and neither are “toddler wipes” marketed as “flushable”:

tl;dr: They do not degrade in water at all. No, not the “flushable” ones either. Sewer systems can’t handle this.

Wish I didn’t feel like I’m always pouring cold water on neat stuff at BB.


Likewise, the one about telemarketing is dead wrong. It sounds like a teenager thought it up. Instead, try www.donotcall.gov. That one works; also, in theory, violators are fined $10,000, straight into your pocket.


Like almost all these ubiquitous life hack lists, not only are some of the things on it are either not hacks (be nice to your IT person? the wikipedia page idea?) or of dubious validity but it’s a total mish-mash. “Don’t announce your pregnancy until the second trimester” is generally a good idea since many miscarriages occur during that time (as are amniocenteses tests which could require a difficult decision) but does that serious issue really belong in a list alongside “glom free food at college workshops” or “use caulk to make your rugs non-slip”? (Not to mention the fact that the original list says “Instead of Expensive Anti-Stick Mats” – when the point is to make them anti-SLIP!) I know it’s a BuzzFeed piece and all but it seems like it was thrown together by someone with terminal Attention Deficit Disorder.


That’s not completely true. Putting salt on a napkin will keep if from sticking to the bottom of your drink and if you do it in moderation, the salt just sticks to the wet part of the napkin.

Or just ask for a real coaster instead of a napkin. Eh, first world problem is just slightly annoying ether way.

“Get the WiFi password for many establishments by checking the comments section of FourSquare.”

But I can’t get on the wifi to check FourSquare!! Damn you, irony! :smile:
Or, you could ask the person nicely at the counter.


It’s not just a Buzzfeed piece, it’s a Buzzfeed Community piece. Meaning a commenter just threw it together and doesn’t have to meet even Buzzfeed’s editorial standards.


j/k = forward/backward or up/down: this works for a lot of sites, including BoingBoing (partly because I begged them to add it).
It stems from the vi text editor.


(In the case of Youtube, it’s slightly different: j = skip back, k = pause/play, l = skip forward.)

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That works for most, but there are some places that call for “donations” that are exempt from things like that. The line that works for anyone that has a real person calling you? “Never call back here again for any of your lists or I will contact the Attorney General.”

After working for a call center for too long, few things get people on DNC lists faster than AG threats.

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Can you use that one on the highway patrol too?

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No, but the salt one works on them; they hate salt.


Wait…your post seems to imply that Buzzfeed has editorial standards…


Who is the person that forgets, during the course of a shower, whether or not they washed their hair? Often enough that they benefit from a tip to figure it out.


Yeah, there’s a lot of nonsense on this list (and some weird, archaic ones - how exactly, does one get static on one’s television in the age of digital broadcasting? White noise DVDs?), and that’s definitely one. The telemarketing calls (despite being on the Do Not Call list) I get are really scam-y - they don’t care about removing me from any lists and pressing “9” is going to do absolutely nothing. Actually being on the do not call list isn’t going to do much, either - there’s little to no enforcement, and any fines are paid to the government.

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List was kinda lame but this one made it all worthwhile for me - ‘If you don’t know if a baby is a boy or a girl ask the baby “Whats your name?” And the parent will answer.’


I can’t remember the last time I received, or even heard about, an actual telemarketing call that involved an actual human being. (Non-profits asking for money and polls, sure, but commercial telemarketing?) Generally they also require an expenditure of effort to talk to a person, and I’d be surprised if they even were willing to give the name of the business if you sounded even slightly irked. Talking to friends and family, it seems like fraudulent and semi-fraudulent telemarketing calls are the norm now. They often start of by expressing “thanks” for showing an “interest” in their product (that you’ve never shown any interest in or even heard of), in a thinly veiled attempt to pretend that they’re one of those types of calls (pre-existing relationship) that’s exempt from do-not-call legislation, for example.


“baby wipes are not flushable”.

They go in the trash can. Flushable wipes ARE a big deal; you’ll be glad you tried it. You don’t need to use baby wipes; they make them for adults too, so don’t have that baby wipe smell.


Yeah, but even the adult ones generally have some cloying perfume.

The Preparation H company makes some really nice witch-hazel-based flushable wipes. They’re a bit pricey, but they won’t make your bum smell like you’ve been getting rimmed by Hello Kitty.