Toilet for folks who consume golf balls or pounds of McNuggets


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Anyone watching the US Presidential debate tonight?

Toilet for folks who consume golf balls or pounds of McNuggets

Shoot… still nothing for those of us who consume golf balls AND pounds of McNuggets…


I guess because showing actual shits being flushed is too gross. I want to know if it solves my current toilet issue of shits getting stuck on the bend. Can take two flushes sometimes.


Condoms filled with black-bean paste are the usual reasonable facsimiles.

That and:


I’m vacillating between disgust & envy.


Try adding fiber to your diet.


“Water wigglers.” lol. “Fake vaginas.”


American Standard really does set teh standard.

There are so many cheap, non-functioning toilets available, that even if installed professionally just don’t work.

Particularly, the water-saving variety. Tell me again how flushing a three quarter gallon toilet four times saves over a one and a quarter gallon toilet that flushes everything once, oh makers of cheap toilets.

I know a landlord who buys these 100-200 dollar “enviromentally conscious” toilets and then doubles down on that dumb by installing themselves.

I’m pretty sure he does it because you can get a tax credit/rebate for using them… except, he installs them in rural properties that use wells and septics…

He finds it clever because it recoups the entire cost of the fixture, and he doesn’t pay for water anyway… so 3-4 flushes are meh, no prob.

Oh mighty Gosh in Haven, save us from teh landlords


I’m installing one of these before my brother-in-law comes over for Thanksgiving.


they need to test with peanut butter; if it’s good enough for hollywood…

Shouldn’t the headline be “Toilet for folks who produce golf balls or pounds of Mcnuggets (Cory-style that wordmark, y’all, it’s gotta be in the stylebook)?”

I think you mean save us from the government interfering in the free market, remember 2008, hello, Franny and Freddie! /s


Oh, great, we’re back to no control over how much water or pressure is involved in individual flushes. One a month you might need to flush golf balls, so let’s make sure every time you pee you use the amount of water you could take a shower in.

Plus, “right height” isn’t, for most humans. (Both from a height and a positioning POV.)


Looks like the perfect thing for drug dealers to flush their wares in case of police raids. They should probably show it flushing large quantities of white powder or simulated cannabis nuggets.


“Will it flush?” is the new “Will it blend?”



If you can shower with 1.6 gallons of water I’m impressed…


As someone who has installed multiple toilets in several houses now, the Champion series is my go to. I’ve installed 3 of the original series, and one of the generation three’s. All have been flawless and I (nor my wife) has ever clogged one, and this was coming from using Polly the plunger once a week or so.


AKA “a standard toilet flush everywhere except the USA”.

One flush does just fine in normal use. A bathtub full of water is not required for a competently designed toilet.


Chinese water torture is more water efficient


Standard Australian low-water shower method, used primarily at sea, on drought-affected farms and at music festivals:

  1. Turn on water, step into shower, immediately turn the water off again.
  2. Soap up.
  3. Turn the water back on, rinse the soap off.

Total time in which the water is flowing: less than thirty seconds.

If you really want to save water, replace step (1) with a quick rub-down with a damp washcloth.


I’ve never understood the 30 min hot shower thing. But, then again, part of my childhood was spent with angry puritans who had been in the merchant marine.