Venting, random


Kinda like questions, just venting. Please, if you need help, pm one of us and we will point you in the right way.

This is for light hearted, WTF man!? Sort of stuff.


I accepted a job. I start like, very soon.

I don’t know the address.


I bought new, delicious white bed sheets.

Curry. That’s all you need to know. (Oxyclean, please!?)


I went on a trip to get a microphone.

I packed the wrong one.


Found out my dollar store copper scrubbies are actually fucking copper plated STEEL.


Found out my cat found the one white cardigan I own (and just bought) and horked on it while I was sleeping. It came out thankfully, but why kitty.


I have four pillows.

I have three pillow cases.


I am still unemployed…


When you’ve been putting away every fucking penny and cutting out every fucking luxury to get A Thing.
And the shipping date for that Thing… Keeps. Fucking. Slipping. :rage:


A friend of mine has a daughter who projectile vomited into his mouth. While I watched.


Cool. So what does it sound like when you’re simultaneously laughing and wanting to hurl?


I laughed :slight_smile:


Hey man, we have to fix this.


Indeed. Stupid ever specializing job description while at the mega company for 19 years does not do good for getting employed at smaller places where you do more jack of all trades and it sucks.


I am not gonna get into specifics right this second, but you are like me. You can learn the new shite, even though you’ll go, “but this is the same!?”

However you get to put the new stuff on your resume.


There are things I need to do today, but they require getting out of bed.

Bed is comfy, though.

Why must bed be comfy?


Have you googled the companies name see if can get the address that way?


Dish soap is made specifically to clean away food stains. Works on clothes as well as dishes.


(Which shaped bottle do you want your Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in?) :slight_smile:


It’s all in how the recipe is made!

And on a similar subject: use hair conditioner in the rinse cycle when washing silk and wool.