What's your morning pick me up?

Had a recent discussion on coffee and the way one prefers to drink it. So now I’m curious, mutants - what’s your preferred morning pick me up?

  • Coffee, black
  • Coffee, with cream
  • Coffee, with sugar
  • Coffee, with cream and sugar
  • Tea
  • Tea, with cream
  • Tea, with sugar
  • Tea, with cream and sugar
  • Other

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(‘sugar’ being shorthand for any sort of sweetener - honey, stevia, et al. and ‘cream’ being shorthand for dairy-esque products as fat vectors - milk, soy milk, and the like)


I vacillate between coffee and tea. I’ve been in coffee phase for over four months now, so I expect a swing back to tea within two months.

There was a stretch in which I drank primarily yerba mate, but I find mate very slow to release and with more ‘body’ energy than ‘brain’ energy. Coffee is, at least for me, the exact opposite: immediate and straight to the head.

ETA: Aeropress, two scoops. Freshly crushed cardamom if I feel like it.


Cheap supermarket tea, black, 1 sugar, no milk. Sometimes a teaspoon of honey instead of sugar.


Black instant coffee. Cheap and easy, just like me. :slight_smile:

In a perfect world, I’d have either Irish, caffe corretto or similar, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Terrible Diet Coke addiction. #ashamed


I like my coffee like I like my women - Bitter and Murky.

I’m generally a pot or two a day guy. The math gets fuzzy between the French press and/or espresso machine at home and the pots of brown bitter / espresso machine / coffee machine at work.

But generally a pot and a half easy.


Daily: 16 oz of brewed coffee, medium to dark roast. Sometimes french-pressed, sometimes in the Cuisinart brewer thingie. Coconut creamer.
Occasionally a single cup brewed using the stovetop Moka pot or the Aeropress.


English breakfast tea, three tea spoons of sugar, evaporated milk.
A coke if I need something stronger.
Don’t judge me.


Standard 6oz cup of black coffee in the morning. Just enough caffeine to get me going. If I wasn’t taking pills for blood pressure I probably would go back to a full mug and maybe one more but nah. Fresh ground and in a nice stainless steel french press which keeps it warm for @JemmieDuffs who sleeps in a little later than I do.


Coffee, black. My favorite when I have time (and am feeling flush enough to order beans) is a home dark roast of Brazilian arabica. Otherwise it’s what the local roasters have that’s decent or Starbucks.

Usually a large press pot to start the day, and then a second, maybe a moka pot in the afternoon or a pour over. If I’m going with a light roast I’ve got a weird older Krups pressurized drip hybrid maker that does a good job. What ever way, usually it’s 1.5-2 quarts a day.

Next in preference would be the biggest coffee at the closest coffee shop. Fall back position from there would be instant that’s kept for desserts and emergencies. Last ditch effort is shit from the gas station tempered with whatever white chemicals they’re calling creamer. This order can shift on any given day based on how lazy I’m feeling.

I’m not judging you, I’m just worried about your insulin levels :dizzy_face:


I’m just a little surprised it’s evap rather than condensed milk. That stuff’s awesome in tea and coffee.


Doh! Misread the former as the latter. I use sweetened condensed making Vietnamese iced coffee; problem is after opening a can I can’t walk by the fridge without dipping a spoon in. I try not to buy it but once or twice a year. Because I’m gross and will eat the whole damn can in a day.


Easy cold press:
Add 1 1/4 cup ground dark roast and water
to 4 cup French press.
Wait 12 hours.
Press and pour into pitcher
Add twice as much water and put in fridge.

There are probably better techniques but even store brand coffee tastes pretty good.


stomach churning and intense

I should give up… coffee…

I have zero to five cups of strong coffee, pour over extraction, daily.

Despite being a daily coffee drinker for over 2 decades, I have no problem waking up in the morning and getting on with my day without it, most days. I will admit that if I have no caffeine I get a little headachey in the afternoon and that will last a couple days and then go away. I make a point to cut back to just a cup or two of tea a day for about a week out of every 8 or so. I love coffee. Love it.

Also, I love TMCM


Good in sandwiches, too. Haven’t had a condensed milk sanger in like, forever.


Cannot “like” this post.

[quote="AcerPlatanoides, post:14, topic:94444"] Also, I love TMCM [/quote]

+1 :+1:

Edited due to building on shifting sands.


I know you wrote that before I wrote the bulk of my post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oooh thai/vietnamese iced coffee is one of my favorite hot day not beer drinks.


And so castles made of sand, slip into the sea, Eventually


Two caffeine tablets, then I roll over and go back to snooze. 25 minutes later, I’m like “Why am I in bed again?” Also, Poop Mk. 1 is about to obliterate the island, so I get the fuck up.