Teavana Tea cheats you twice


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Drink Barry’s


  • Doens’t cheat you
  • Works every time


You might consider making your own tea the way you like it. Also, do a taste test and see if you can tell Gourmet Brand from Cheapass. It’s not always easy.


I do have Lipton’s bags, which are pretty good. A little more bitter, but I won’t turn down cheapass tea.

This BBC video shows the science-tested way to make the ultimate cup of tea

I’ve been buying (probably overpriced) tea at the Farmer’s Market, because the guy who runs the tea kiosk is hot. Marketing!


Hell, I like Robusta better than Arabica. What is wrong with me?


File under “why you should read the label carefully.” 1.7 oz. of tea for $9 is not a good deal, no matter how it’s packaged or if it’s made from powdered unicorn horn.


You thought 20 cups of English Breakfast for $9 was a good deal? Is the US tea market really that fucked up?


I suspect only the stoners here would be able to accurately tell you what 1.7oz of tea looks like.


Try the English Breakfast from http://coastalserenity.com They will ship, their prices are good and their teas are orthodox. Their English breakfast is my favorite and I’ve tried quite a few. I’ve been drinking a ton of tea, all day for years now. English, Scottish and Irish loose leaf teas before 3PM, then Honey Vanilla Chamomile in the evenings to wind down. I’ve tried breakfast blends from a number of places. My absolute favorite is from the Empress Hotel in Victoria, BC, but unfortunately they do not ship so you have to stock up while there. Coastal Serenity’s English Breakfast is a close second. BTW, Lipton tastes like an Irish Breakfast to me. Coastal Serenity’s Irish Breakfast is like Lipton on steroids.


You’d probably end up dangling from a noose if you tried to pull that shit with the East India Tea Company. (“What do you mean the cargo hold is only one-third full?”)


Next time you’re looking for a cuppa, Mark, try Scottish Breakfast Tea. I much prefer it over the English blend.

Of course, it’s best served with the usual light breakfast typical of B&Bs in Scotland: eggs, toast & jam, black pudding, bacon, and sausage.


Also if you want a heavier/muskier/stronger tea try Scottish Breakfast. It’s best to get a couple of ounces of each British, Scottish, and Irish and then compare.


I used to be a Teavana barista. Not only did we use copious amounts of tea, but also of sugar. What you’re drinking from the sample bar is effectively over-priced Kool-Aid.

Though, in my defense, when I made a cuppa for a customer, no matter what they wanted in it, they loved it. I only ever got compliments.


Or, you know, loose leaf tea drinkers. :tea::raising_hand:


If you like paying a bit more for cute tins but also want a mostly drinkable English black breakfast teas at a nearly reasonable price, Amazon will ship you 7oz of Twinings for about $13.


Geez, now I’m ashamed to say how much I pay for loose leaf from Red Blossom.



If you love organic, flavorful teas that brew properly with 1 teaspoonful you should consider ordering from Arbor Teas in Ann Arbor Michigan; they do on-line sales and I believe they have a huge discount sale coming up for Earth Day. Check them out at:


It’s great organic tea, the owners travel the world to source it, and send their staff for continuing certification in Tea. I love the Apricot Black Tea but they have all kinds - almost every kind, and their packaging is 100% backyard compostable to boot!