Barry's tea is pretty great


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Barry’s is good, but I like Lyon’s Gold even better. There’s just something about Irish teas…


“none more black.”

Seems legit.


Barry’s Tea is quite the thing. I tend to oversteep anyway, but wow, with Barry’s tea it makes for a potent brew. I still love it anyway. :slight_smile:


For the canucks. There can be only…


perfect for making the family spiced tea recipe.


That’s what we had growing up. My mother refused to buy Barry’s (because: Fine Fael), but I prefer it to Lyons.


Who the fuck is Barry and why is he tea bagging me


Ideal for a builder’s tea.


I do love me some builder’s tea. Pretty much the only tea I drink these days.
I had some good luck with Typhoo “Extra Strong” a bit a go, though my default is Thompson’s these days.


Yes, I’ve heard all the “Taste the bag” and “builder’s blend” jokes.

It is a good tea and if steeped for 6 minutes is terrifyingly black.


So you mean correctly steeped then.
If I want something light I’ll drink water.



Good deal on my current favorite tea: Darjeeling

It’s definitely a good tea and wonderfully black. It’s good on its own or with cream & sugar if that’s your idea of a good time.




How do these compare to PG tips? My soon-to-be wife is hooked on the stuff.


Nah… you really want to drink “Tetley’s British Blend”, which is so nice and smooth and no damn string hanging out of the cup. It’s rich, but doesn’t get crazy bitter as you steep it forever and ever in your cup. Really, go get some and try it.


I’m okay with PG tips, plus you get them just about anywhere.


British Blend is actually how we roll. It will not do horrible things if oversteeped, perfect for those with kids who take them away from the tea for ten minutes.


Yeah sounds good just one thing.