This BBC video shows the science-tested way to make the ultimate cup of tea


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I just want to make clear for the audience that @frauenfelder is probably the wrong person to talk to about tea.

(That’s right, I remember.)


Drink Barry’s.



Roger That!




Douglas Adams did it better:


I had to rewind there in disbelief: she brewed her tea for 30 seconds?? 30 SECONDS?

What kind of callous [british slang] disrepects TEA in such a manner???


Yay. Another tea debate thread.


Well, while we’re at it, George Orwell had some strong opinions about tea himself:


Tea is mud.
– James Bond






Five minutes? Always? For every variety of tea? NO. Just NO. The time depends on the cut, type, grade, and water temperature.

If you’re putting cream and/or sugar in your tea you probably made it wrong or don’t like tea.

And another thing, enough with the antioxidants. Move on to some new B.S.

Ok, sorry I got hot there. It’s just that it’s awkward being a tea drinker in a world of Starbucks junkies.


Also, it’s some bad shit for the planet.



IMHO, water temp. appropriateness for type of tea is the biggie. If you use boiling water on a nice jasmine oolong, you’re overheating it, and you’re going to miss a lot of the nice herby and floral notes. On the flip side, if you don’t heat black teas enough, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of flavors as well.

I’ve got a friend who swears by pre-rinsing the leaves, then letting them sit for a bit to rehydrate first. I’m a patient man, but not that patient. He’s a guy who the making of the tea is a big part of the enjoyment though…


Is it a good source of Brownian Motion?


Remarkably similar advice delivered by Dame Maggie Smith:



Step 1 - Make tea however you damn well please.
Step 2 - Tip tea out.
Step 3 - Make coffee*.

But if it is after 4pm: “Sure I’ll have a cup of tea. Strong, black, no sugar, but if there’s a slice of lemon going that’d be great. thanks.”

*don’t fuck around with Step 3. Use a good espresso machine or an Aeropress. Grind beans daily. Make sure said beans have been roasted in the last few weeks. USE GOOD BEANS.