Food "Babe" sucks

Food Babe writes about the flu vaccine and gets it completely wrong.

I still think this is relevant, whether or not people dislike my originally offensive language. In any case, it’s adorable that people think they have the power to effect change in language… good luck with that.

Probably better to work on the things like gender wage gap before the morality police work on ‘fixing’ other people’s language. Also probably a good idea to deal with the treatment of women at abortion clinics that are left to deal with traumatic abuse in the name of free speech as well, hm?

Orac unloads on her confusion about chemicals…
Vani Hari, a.k.a. “The Food Babe,” doubles down on the misinformation in her response to the New York Times – Respectful Insolence

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Oy. I’ve already written my take on her broadly. Orac’s take is spot on. I do wonder if we are maybe giving her too much attention at this point.

Then kindly devote more letters to explaining why she’s wrong, rather than typing about things that are irrelevant.

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Wow, this thread’s a slow burner!

I refer you to the posted mp3 which features a medical doctor explaining in detail why she’s wrong using many letters.

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Dude, teapot, I admit there’s some lag between your post and these responses. But your OP clocks in at some 573 letters.

To prove I have skin in the debate, let me burn some actual lifespan to transcribe some 632 letters from that podcast you refer to:

 Hi. Welcome to the 100 and 28th podcast. Scam Stud. The references and links to the references are available on science-based-medicine. 

We have evolved in order to survive reality, not to understand it. 

It is a good thing that understanding and survival are not tightly linked, as many people are apparently totally disconnected from the reality I inhabit.  

The ONE described by the natural sciences. 

When I started writing and podcasting about the scamverse...

I was under the impression that people who use scams are were simply misinformed. If people were simply made aware of their facts, they would see the errors of their ways. 

If you have a cogent point to make, surely you convince more by making a persuasive sentence.

I think the issue was mostly that the aside about your “originally offensive post”, which I have never seen. It’s nothing personal, but I have no context to understand the remark, and it just seems tremendously irrelevant to the thread you’re trying to start.

I referred to her as food cbomb instead of her usual, self-appointed moniker. A lengthy discussion about the inappropriateness of my word choice ensued, which got away from the original point which was: she’s peddling food science nonsense that had made it to BB (UK vs US fries ingredients) and, because of her mainstream media exposure, inform the decisions of people whom don’t have the ability to understand she’s talking bullshit.

Anyway, I was fairly vitriolic in that original thread but I could not recall where/when I’d previously heard of this fool. A while later I realised it was on the Quackcast podcast series, so I tracked it down and posted it on the BBS in my characteristically abusive style. That thread (probably rightfully) got deleted but I wanted to put this back on here because, as I notice has happened once again, she’s always popping up in the media as she provides the “balance” to science and common-sense.

Here’s the podcast in blog format:

Could have saved @funruly a few moments of his life he spent typing this out.

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muchas gracias!

Edit: I got about half-way through that transcript, in about 4 mins, before abandoning ship. By my measure, seems about 90% ad-hominem, and 10% kernel of truth about vaccines. Would have been much more efficient and effective to just repost this link.

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