California Senate steps towards ending vaccination exemptions

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Science is tumbling into the same category as art and music–people make decisions based on their preferences and opinions.


Lazy post JLW - it’s just clickbait and you know it…

It is important to see the big picture regarding the vaccine issues we are facing today in this country. In doing research on this subject for a few years now, I have become alarmed at the scope of deception I am witnessing from the vaccine manufacturers, of which there are four main players: Pfizer, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, and Sanofi Pasteur.

These Pharmaceutical companies have corrupted the original intent of protecting children against harmful viruses. Now we are witnessing massive marketing efforts by these companies – targeting the medical profession, and our doctors – with the intent to sell more and more vaccines. At some point in the last decade, the protection of our children by vaccines shifted to the protection of vaccine programs and the big pharma corporations – at any cost.

In short, vaccines are BIG business and very profitable for these four companies; In 2013 Pfizer saw revenue of 51.6b, Merck earned 44.1b, GSK earned 26.5b, and Sanofi earned 32.9b.With this much money at stake, we are now witnessing a recklessness in corporate behavior never seen before… The upsurge in vaccines administered has increased from 16 doses (50’s) to 69 doses scheduled up until 18 years of age. Many of these are administered in multiples, at very early ages, bombarding the undeveloped child’s immune system before they are prepared to cope with these viruses. As a result we are also seeing an increase in chronic disease; asthma, autism, and diabeties.

Ultimately it’s a matter of TRUST.

The evidence of corruption is clear. And people are waking up to the criminal activity of these corporations. At (well referenced site), I investigated a few of these pharma companies. Did you know;Merck has settled 16+ lawsuits totaling 10.11 billion dollars in last decade. Pfizer has settled 16+ lawsuits totalling 5.32 billion dollars in last decade. Glaxo has settled 10 + lawsuits totaling 7,8 billion dollars in last decade.This predatory criminal activity includes charges of: unlawful marketing, kickbacks to doctors, withholding safety data, deceptive advertising, fraudulent vaccine data, healthcare fraud, and pharmacide.

In conclusion, it is important that we educate ourselves on vaccines, the companies who produce them, and on the changes we have witnessed in the last few decades. Two final references to consider: The new documentary titled ‘Bought‘, and the youtube interview with Glaxo whistleblower and health ranger. These two videos will confirm all that I have said here and help you make informed decisions.

Be well!


The hypocrisy of being both “pro life” and pro death penalty is matched by the hypocrisy of being both “pro choice” and pro forced vaccination.

The government can stay the fuck off my body, our bodies; I don’t care what issue we are discussing.

Vermont is going to get rid of the philosophical exemption to vaccines. There was some insane level of lobbying on that bill.


i’m old enough to remember classmates with leg braces and grievous disabilities from polio and the fear in parents’ eyes with the coming of summer and polio season. i’m old enough to remember the eradication of smallpox, a disease that went from a dread illness that killed 1 in 4 who caught it and scarred 9 in 10 who survived to a relic in a couple of labs in the u.s and the u.s.s.r. over the course of my parents lifetime. i’m old enough to remember kids who had the mumps being permanently sterilized and one of my younger cousins died from whooping cough.

it makes me furious to read otherwise intelligent people advocating positions that would lead us back to the days of terrible infections of children and adults, infections which cause death, disfigurement, and other profound and permanent effects.


No. Vaccines are a crappy business which is why so few people are selling them. If you think any of those companies is making a significant amount of their revenue from vaccines, I have a bridge to sell you.

Your entire ad hominem is just… fear driven drivel.


it makes me furious to read otherwise intelligent people advocating positions that would lead us back to the days of terrible infections of children and adults, infections which cause death, disfigurement, and other profound and permanent effects.

This. So much this. If you’re afraid of vaccines, please lock yourself in your house, and caulk all the doors and windows shut. I don’t want to catch what you’re spreading.


I absolutely agree. In the last two decades, vaccine uptake for MMR and DTaP (and equivalents) have fallen massively because Andrew (Fucking Fraud) Wakefield lied through his teeth to the Lancet to make a fast buck, and now guess what?

Children (who have a right to growing up without being crippled by almost 100% completely preventable diseases) are getting Measles and Pertussis in numbers we haven’t seen since before those vaccines were introduced.

Your FUD is immoral, and costs lives. And is inaccurate to boot. Vaccines, in fact, aren’t very profitable. If they were, there’d be lots of companies competing to sell them.

Basically you’re a monster. I hope you don’t have any children.


Be well!!

The irony of anti-vaxer signing off with be well is… just wow.

Every single point you make is either wrong or irrelevant. I’d try to break it down for you, but it’d be pointless, and it’s making my head hurt just trying to figure out where to start.


It’s not forced vaccination. You can choose not to vaccinate your child, and nobody’s going to show up at your door with a needle. Your kid just won’t be allowed to go to the public school, where they can infect little Jimmy who’s on AZT with Pertussis.

Your children aren’t your property, and they have rights too. Those rights include proper medical care.

If your kid, say, fell off a swing and got a femoral compound fracture, and you decided not to take your kid to the hospital to get it properly set and stitched up, because you decided “Not doing medicine is what’s right for my family”, then the government can rightly take your child away and have responsible people raise him/her instead of you.


People like you figuratively make me ill, but could also literally make me sick. Thank science I’m fully vaccinated.

You fucking Typhoid Mary.


If they make infection itself a punishable offense instead, this could serve as a deterrent to pathogenesis.

This really pisses me off:

Do you know what this is called? It’s called equivocation, but it also counts as Loaded Language, and Quoting out of context (or paraphrasing), which are all rhetorical fallacies, and are bullshit.

Either you don’t have much of a valid argument and decided to go with hogwash instead, or you just haven’t thought very hard about the issue so you don’t have much to say beyond perpetually debunked crap that the antivaxxers were trotting out a century ago.


Hate, rage, name calling? Lol. Not great places to come from during a debate.



The science is in, and has been in for many, many years. The conclusion:

Vaccines save lives, and is in the top 2 most cost-effective and generally-effective public health policies ever implemented along with water fluoridation.

There is no debate. There are facts, and there is denial. I would say that those deniers can’t get sick and die off fast enough. Except they also have children of their own, who they’re abusing by not vaccinating them.

Saying there’s a debate gives unearned and undeserved dignity to the antivaxxers and implies they have a point other than “I’m too ignorant to understand” or “I’m too scared” or “I’m too lazy to learn”.

I’d agree with you if there was a debate. But there isn’t one.


My dad caught polio at the age of nine - the last pre-vaccine cohort in Canada. Over the next 52 years, he continued to suffer the long term effects of the disease, was frequently hospitalized, needed new heart valves, needed many surgeries for broken bones, needed long term pharmaceuticals to survive as long as he did.

The big pharma companies made a hell of a lot more out of the long term effects of his disease than they could out of a simple vaccine. Your logic does not hold up. And I can’t help but feel really, REALLY angry when I hear irrational people blather on about how vaccines are about making money.


Obviously vaccines have done great things for society. But they are not 100% safe either, and I believe it is ok for scrutiny when it comes to government protecting billion dollar industries.

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Which billion dollar industry? The supplement and religious faith healer industries? Or the naturopathic industry? What about the homeopathic industries?

Offer just one medical treatment that’s 100% safe and effective, and I’ll show you how that’s a complete lie. The regulation and oversight of vaccine makers is very stringent. There are many people working all the time to make vaccines even safer and more effective, and we’re constantly developing vaccines for more diseases.

The people doing the scrutinizing of the pharmaceutical industry aren’t qualified to scrutinize the side of a pill bottle much less the infinitely more complex biochemistry that goes into making our vaccines.

If they’re so concerned with the science and facts, then why do they only ever trot out bullshit, lies, or the most poorly done, largely uncontrolled, underpowered and overblown studies to try and go against hundreds to thousands of rigorously executed scientific papers that were done under the watchful eye of IRBs and the FDA?

Just because we can’t prove vaccines 100% safe doesn’t mean that’s a free pass for everyone to not get vaccinated.

And that’s all beside the point here. If your kid can get vaccinated, then you should, and the government shouldn’t give you a free pass to put your kids at massive and unnecessary risk.


I wouldn’t say so. The Hobby Lobby case proves that the supreme court cares more about people’s precious delusions than they do about the facts.

If I were, let’s say… christian (just to make things simple), owned a business, then decided to withhold amounts equal to the prices of birth control pills and condoms from their checks, then justified it as not wanting to pay for contraceptives, because I believe condoms and the pill are abortifacients, I’d be within my rights according to the supreme court.

That’s pretty much what they decided. That the “sincerely held religious beliefs” of the powerful are more important than people’s rights, no matter how demonstrably wrong those beliefs are.

So I’d bet that the same would happen in your scenario too.

What I’m getting at is, facts seem to be disfavored by our courts when they’re up against people’s emotions.