BART riders may have been exposed to measles


Thanks, Jenny McCarthy.


Are there not any travel laws with requirements for inoculations?

This makes no sense, I was told I didn’t need to inoculate anymore because doctors!

Do note that MMR is still recommended by all doctors for infants (and required by many schools).

(I can tell you’re joking about something, but can’t tell what, so don’t know if you know no doctors are saying not to inoculate…)

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Doctor Wakefield is the best! He give me free lollypops when I visit!


This might be a good time to bring up a conversation that I had with my husband recently, wherein we decided that Courier should be the official sarcasm font. From now on, anything written in Courier is sarcasm.


Now we just need to convince @codinghorror to add the Courier button…

If that’s true, what does saying it in Comic Sans mean? And does Papyrus mean you’re saying it in a fancy fake accent? I’m digging the implications here.

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Comic Sans means you’re breezy and don’t take what others say about you too seriously.

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Or that you’re mentally deranged. Comic Sans is the font of insanity.


I can get behind this:

I’m not sure about this:

I think of Comic Sans as grown people talking in baby-voice, so maybe there is overlap with being self-consciously breezy.

And, I can totally get behind Courier as sarcasm.

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I’ve never heard any for measles, perhaps the assumption being that every rational person was already inoculated.

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What’s your reasoning here?

Maybe you should do it like this?

I don’t know, but it sounds like this.

You’re on your own for Papyrus, though.


Use backtick ` for inline code span like this

Indenting four spaces produces a pre block

like this

More Markdown info at Markdown Editing Help - Super User

I’d be curious too…it does kind of read like Stephen Hawking, though, at least if you do it all in one case.

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I’m about to have a baby, and this is one of the things that makes me nervous. I’ve decided not to let anyone to handle 'lil octopus until she’s had all of her vaccines. I trust no one in the Bay Area, particularly those morons in Marin.


I only ask because I think of it as logical, organized, and emotionless (the Spock of fonts).


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It’s recognizably different from “normal”, but not obnoxious, and unlikely to be used as anybody’s website default font.

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