Parents upset over child's toy that says "Fuck you"


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Sounds to me more like “fought’n, odd one out”, or possibly “fartin’, odd one out”. I guess people hear what they want to hear though.

That Peppa Pig is as foul-mouthed as a sailor.


Sounds to me like a kid with a heavy British accent, not “defective”.

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It appears Peppa has taught the boy’s father to say the forbidden word in front of his child, as well.

Are you, Mark, implying that this man is a bad parent or is somehow to blame?

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Come on. Peppa’s head looks like genitalia. Is anyone surprised that a toy Peppa would cuss like a sailor?

He also says in front of the kid that “he’s not like a normal kid” which is also implying something.

Well if the guy is upset that his toddler heard the words "“F*ck You”, you’d think that he himself would be careful about saying it in front of the little guy. It doesn’t necessary indicate bad parenting but it won’t help him win the father-of-the-year award either.

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Not sure it sounds even like a heavily accented fook you… Fart maybe. Whatever dad, lighten up. One of my facepalm times as a parent was being good about not letting my default frustration swear word pass my lips and then as the boy is starting to talk/read he points to a picture in one of his books and says ‘blue fuck’ for a blue truck of course. I just felt like yeah can’t win at all here and it was amusing. The kid grew out of if fast enough without any coaxing or punishment.

I’m implying that it is funny. It’s also the kind of thing I would do, if I actually gave fuck about a toy that said “fuck” in the presence of my toddler.


Another Case of Poor audio quality leading to offence.

Nah…this one isn’t even worth a comment…

Well, maybe they could see if they could get a replacement child, seeing as this one is apparently ruined…

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The dad is settin’ up for a lawsuit. One meelion dollars!

My daughter went through a phase of pronouncing “castle” as “asshole”. And then followed that up with “cock” for “clock”. So of course, I had to ask her if anybody should ever put a clock in their castle (she said no). Yes, I am easily amused.

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My son pronounced Basketball Hoop as Butt Ball Poop. It remains a funny joke in our family, years later.

Well if it’s NOT the toy, where could the child have heard such language?

'tis a mystery, to be sure, to be sure…

It apparently is all my fault that our eldest (4.5) says “butts” all the time.

I… have no idea why my wife would say such a blatantly dishonest thing, he said, averting his eyes to the side and fidgeting.

Currently his favorite thing to say is “butt-hammer.” Nobody is really sure what a butt-hammer is, but it seems an effective threat for all of his toys - “Oh no, here comes the butt-hammer!” - or his sister - “Anna, why are you crying?” “Monkey said I was a butt-hammer I’m NOT I’m a GIRL!!”

He also sometimes says “damage!” but I’m sure I have no idea what that’s a mis-pronounciation of, ahem, I am not going to correct it.

What is the toy saying? I find Peppa’s accent charming enough, but I guess it is a bit thick for the fidelity of 10¢ voice synthetizers. That tech never got much better, did it?

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Texas Instruments ruled the Golden age of voice synthesis. Which was burned to the ground and salted six feet deep with the dawn of cheap digital recorders.

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