Customer claims that a fake-urinating toy sexually assaulted her at a restaurant


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there are still people like that out there… i don’t know whether to comment ‘you should get out more often’ in snark or just weep.


Sounds like the pretty much the target age to find that kind of toy amusing if you ask me.


Your ‘must watch’ link is broken

But I will add, without having watched it–

You didn’t see the part BEFORE the video and what the toy was doing!


My first thought too. Then I thought “payday.”

I know they got in front of that one, but I remain sceptical, more like an ad for “attorney wanted.”


You know, I was all set to sarcastically dismiss their claims, but then I saw that bottom screen grab.



Yes, that is peak pee toy humor age.


This is why we can’t have nice things…


I was out n about in Italy when I couldn’t have been more than five, six at the most - taking no shortage of joy in finding all the “wee” fountains I could and standing under them, pulsing their stream - whatever.

…and I turned out grrrrrrreat!


It’s like she doesn’t understand Japanese steakhouses at all!


Penis, p e n i s, PENIS!

I know that was juvenile of me.


Oh yeah, those two don’t look like the kind of people who’d file a bullshit lawsuit to get paid at all.


Tennessee, Tennessee, there ain’t no place I’d rather be,
Baby won’t you carry me back to Tennessee.


…after thinking about it, what should we expect from a country that views David as “offensive”?


Because Murfreesboro…


As is the toy, apparently.


Most people don’t sexualize urine, fake or not.


Oh? Oh… :flushed:


Kent Brockman: Thanks, Mayor Simpson! From now on, we’ll all be taking golden showers.

[muffled laughter is heard in the background]

Kent Brockman: What?


As a southerner, I think I’m allowed / obligated to say, “Bless their hearts”. (Which, of course, means anything from “sorry your mom died” to “you just ain’t right in the head”.)


“Meth is bad, mmmmkay.”