Subway's "Jared's Pants" kids' game is still live on their site and incredibly creepy now

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I guess he isn’t allowed access to the internet right now, otherwise he really should update his twitter profile.

The actual download link takes you to a different Flash game, so at least there’s that, but yeah, the referring link is still there.

FFS - you cannot pay to have “sex” with children.

SEX requires CONSENT. Children (or minors) cannot consent to SEX!

ARGLE BARGLE @#$%@#$%@#$%


Hey I want that game! Can program code become a rare collector’s item?

I feel icky even posting this, but according to CNN he had sex with teenage girls:

I’m against child porn as much as the next feminist, and a 37-year-old crossing state lines to have sex with teenagers is still highly awful. Just… let’s have some perspective on what exact kind of awful it is.

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I am not going to touch the accusation.
My problem is that CP is one of those stick of accusation +6 charges which just by mentioning it ruins lives and causes terror.
If guilty then I suppose anything to destroy the consumer end of the equation, if innocent it is a perfect weapon, the peril is that nailing a known public personality is great for department budget negotiations. The post production side of things is for game theory economists, lawyers, and prosecutors to debate.
Just to be clear though, there is no punishment which can buy back a childhood.


The report I read said “minors” - which sure, 13-17 are minors, and we have Romeo and Juliette laws to protect trafficked minors from sexual predators like Jared. You still cannot legally have sex with a minor because they legally cannot consent. Statutory rape is still rape.


I have heard feminists say that a too old age of consent set at 18 infantilizes young women otherwise capable of consent and sets them up for abuse. As in forcing a young adult to live as a legal child makes them able to be pushed around for everything from work to school to leverage for inappropriate sex. I feel like the age of consent is usually only important to prosecutors when used as a weapon, yet they often fight to get a minor declared an adult for serious charges. How does age of consent apply to emancipated under-18s?


The 13-to-17-year-olds aren’t the ones getting in trouble with the law here. Statutory rape laws aren’t there to force teens to live as children, they are there to force adults to conduct their sex lives appropriately.


I like to take care with the word “rape” (and others) especially in headlines. It’s triggering and often has a “tabloid-tourettes” thing going on where keywords are used not to throw light on something but to generate attention and anger. The victims, after all, are out there and could presumably recognize that they’re the subject of the reportage.

But I did want to use it here, especially given the fact that the statutory rape is clearly being held as less significant than the child porn by most reporting (see the earlier post)

I held off because it’s all freshly-leaked stuff from an ongoing legal negotiation. Maybe I was wrong to.


I wasn’t specifically calling out you, I know you guys walk a fine line, its more every other main stream news source in the world currently reporting this. Thank you for your words and sensitivity. I should have left that word out of my comment.


Were it not for the predatory indenturement-like legal work environment and punitive social safety net I would support allowing an age of 13 to sign contracts, make binding decisions, and do business.
Unfortunately our effed up system means that an age of consent at 18 at least gives most kids a few years break at the price of being only semi-human and semi-chattel legally.
the 13-17 year-olds can easily be in trouble from this arrangement though as they have no easy living option but to live with legal guardians unless they can prove abuse. Minors can not work freely, resulting in paradoxical survival sex prostitution or other sexual barter for survival needs. Minors can not move away, sign a lease, or open a bank account, as needed to live safely unless they can convince a court which only really works with the consent of at least one parent. Sometimes being coddled as an infant is easy street, sometimes it provides terrible leverage which is hard to fight unless you have very lazy abusers and very sympathetic well-off friends.


The laws are different in other countries. I’m in Canada, and I know our age of consent/statutory rape laws take into account the age difference. I’ve never had to know the actual legal limits, but, for instance, a 20 year old dating a 17 year old is legally okay. If I remember right, the age of consent is lower too, but again if one of the people involved is under 18 those statutory rape clauses still apply.

Having said that, it’s abstract to the actual situation under discussion. The drinking age in Canada is 19, but that doesn’t change that an American drinking at age 20 is breaking the law.

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I agree completely. My point was that sex with a 15 year old is not sex with a 5 year old.

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No problem, I’ve been ARGLE BARGLE @#$%@#$%@#$%'d by experts!


You still cannot legally have sex with a minor because they legally cannot consent.

You’re conflating “minor” with “underage”. The girl he had sex with in this incident was 17, which makes her a minor but not underage. It sounds like there were other girls even younger, but for whatever reason he wasn’t charged for those incidents, probably for lack of evidence. I think they took him down for what they could given the evidence at hand, namely crossing state lines to pay for sex.

I am conflating nothing. In Canada, it would be illegal.
12-under 16’s can only have sex with themselves. 16 to 18 can only have sex with persons their age or up to 5 years old. I even specifically mentioned Romeo and Juliette laws, which is what that is, laws designed to protect minors from sexual predators, like a 37 year old man paying to have “sex” with minors.

@gadgetgirl02 - see above. Also the drinking age in MB, QC and AB is 18. :wink:

I am conflating nothing. In Canada, it would be illegal.

OK, so you’re conflating the laws in your country with the laws in the US. In the US, his having consensual sex with a 17 year old was not illegal. His paying for it was illegal, and his crossing state lines to do so gave the federal government jurisdiction to prosecute him for it.

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In New York, it is also illegal. As each states defines it own age of consent. (Read the whole entry on New York, its quite complicated.)

Sex with a person under 17 is a Class “E” felony if the perpetrator is at least 21. (“Rape in the third degree,” NY Penal Law § 130.25; “Criminal sexual act in the third degree,” NY Penal Law § 130.40.)

Also, paying for sex is not illegal, (save for Long Island and outside of a brothel in Nevada) prostitution is not illegal in any state.

EDIT - I apparently cannot read, and prostitution is illegal across America, which is apparently so mind boggling to me that my brain refused to take in what was written.

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