Christian teacher arrested for sex in cemetery with 16 year old student


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Oh O Spaghettios!

Reposted by popular demand…



So-called religious types are down right (lol) freaky! Makes one think of Christian Mingle so completely differently now…



But I thought only the ‘perverts’ who go into the women’s bathrooms did that stuff? Not Christians!


So being boned in a cemetery is a grave offense?



Aldinger and the teenage boy having sex inside a car parked at the town’s cemetery.

But “sex in a parked car” doesn’t make for nearly as good of a headline as “sex in cemetery”.


Are you suggesting they should just bury the story?



Do others as you would have them do you.


See, but she was just a lone “bad apple”. When the ‘perverts’ do it, it’s a “slippery slope”. #NotAllChristians


She was caught dead-handed.


That’s the spirit!


It’s a mortal sin.


Somebody save me from googling this fine distinction while at work. “Corruption of a minor” is what, exactly?


It is so bizarre that what State you’re in determines if you’ve committed rape or not. If this had happened one state over in Delaware, that teacher would be on a sex offender list for the rest of her life.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. They could just make the age of consent 18 nationwide and a three or four year age difference required to prosecute for statutory rape, so helicopter parents can’t send their sophomore daughter’s senior boyfriend to jail. It’s only complicated because we let it be complicated. In any sane society (i.e. not ours) this woman in her 40’s would be going to prison for sex with a 16 year old regardless of whether or not she was his teacher, but if that’s how they can prosecute, then go for it.


Putting someone in prison for having consensual sex with an adolescent doesn’t seem terribly “sane” (or smart or civilized). By your definition, Florida is more “sane” than Europe.


16 is old enough for consent. I could damn well consent at 16, it should be the voting age as well.