Private eye caught woman he was hired to spy on having sex with his own teen son


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That’s statutory rape. And she got only 30 days for it. That’s insane.

Under Utah law, statutory rape is

Unlawful sexual activity with a minor to have sexual intercourse with someone age 14 or 15 -> Up to five years in prison unless age gap is less than 4 years.

Unlawful sexual activity with a minor to have sexual intercourse with someone age 16 or 17 if the actor is 10 or more years older than the victim -> up to five years in prison.


I’m picturing the kid trying to high-five his dad after he gets caught.


There are just zero good life choices involved in any of this.


And the husband most likely still had to pay for the detective’s services…right? There’s the rub.


Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!


He got just what he wanted - some dirt on his ex to use in his divorce proceedings. “Convicted child molester” is pretty hard to top in that department.


Ask the boy if he feels violated by something other than the journalists.


Is that what you’d say if the genders were reversed?


…highly selectively enforced, particularly in the no-longer-legal-but-still-common cases of “plural marriage.”


“ask the girl if she feels violated by something other than the journalists.”

a 17 year-old . . . i don’t know about @shaddack but i might say that.


Pretty much yes. If there aren’t signs of exploitation the relationship can be all ok.


As for the private dick, I remember some hoary old chestnut about never peeking through knotholes lest ye be vexed.

But once again, he knew the job was dangerous when he took it.


Even apart from the age issue there’s also the teacher/student relationship to consider. That’s a helluva lot of power imbalance for a sexual relationship. Pretty creepy any way you slice it.


David Lee Roth wouldn’t have thought so. But that only reinforces your point. :wink:


But this IS Utah after all.


Very much so. There was a really good article about a guy who slept with his teacher and reflecting back on it later in life. Kids that young aren’t introspective enough to evaluate the viability of a relationship with someone with such an age gap.


Oh, please. Dance instructor?


“This IS Texas, after all. Gun violence is totally OK here even if it isn’t elsewhere.”


If they put “Utah” in the first sentence, I’d have stopped there…