Drunk Hot Yoga teacher “exposed newly augmented breasts” to teen boys at bar mitzvah


“Performed a sex act.”

For a woman to open her shirt is now a sex act.

The mind reels.


Yoga makes people do crazy things.


Beats the hell out of a Cross pen.


The article indicates it was a bit more than flashing.


But it doesn’t explain what breasts supposedly have to do with sex.


It must be a Hot Yoga thing. I knew I should have signed up for classes when I had a chance.


I know mugshots aren’t the best indicator of attractiveness, but still- when I’m promised “hot”, I don’t want Ann Coulter’s sister.


“Radomski is also accused of performing oral sex on the 15-year-old boy.”

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The article expects you to have learned that in the street like everybody else in America.


This sounds suspiciously detached, as it doesn’t say by whom she was accused. Presumably by the 15 year old? Who was just celebrating his initiation into adulthood? I hate to break it to Fox, but ritual sex to celebrate your initiation is a rather well-established thing.

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Rape. It’s funny when it happens to boys.


Aren’t the laws around “sex acts” based on intent? I mean, you go into a strip club and the men aren’t yet completely naked. Does that mean it’s not a sex act until the full monty? Or is it the intent to arouse that makes taking off one’s shirt a sex act?

Or maybe it’s like the ever-quoted “I know it when I see it” for obscenity? (in which case we have to wait for a (likely white, likely male) judge to figure out if it’s sexual. Lovely)

Then again, sex with a minor is a rather well-established felony.


The article seems like more than its title. However, if the title is the thing then I’d have to say the boys will probably survive without a great deal of therapy. They will more likely need years of help for all of the violent imagery that their parents probably let them watch in films. It is pretty common in America to freak out over a natural thing such as the human body and yet it is widely accepted to let young people watch an action movie depicting the violent deaths of hundreds of people.


Proof positive that the Jews know how to throw a party.



I imagine that translates as “accused by the state”. As, for example, if the kid was shooting his mouth off to friends, an adult overhears and passes the info on to the agents of the state, i.e. the police, who make the arrest and inform the state prosecutor, who formally accuses the suspect.

Edit: I agree that the state’s case sounds somewhat dubious. How were the seven kids brought together into a private room to witness this exposure? Did she go around promising the kids a “freeshow” (to quote an old schoolyard joke)? Without anyone else noticing?

On the other hand, when a woman wakes up in a strange bed after an uncharacteristic blackout, our thoughts might immediately go to date-rape drugs. Why has no-one raised this possibility in this case? In a group of any seven 15-year-olds, it’s not an impossibility that one of them might know how to get ahold of some rohypnol. Or are they all poor innocent lambs who have been corrupted by this cougar?

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have a 15 year old hetero boy explain it to you…


Internet pedant here. You mean a 15-year-old hetero cis [EDIT - This is an incorrect use of the word ‘cis’. Could only be less sensitive if I’d said “jewish” or “white” instead] boy. I think. (I await a second-degree Internet pedant’s supervision)


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