Drunk Hot Yoga teacher “exposed newly augmented breasts” to teen boys at bar mitzvah

I am not one of the chosen people, but my understanding is that initiation takes place at age 13.

The 15 year olds were just hanging out, most likely.

To say nothing that as a modern society, we’ve drawn a line in the sand for what constitutes “Too Young”. 13 would be even more “too young” than 15.


I think it says something, but I’m not sure what, that I parsed the headline as “[drunk] [hot] [yoga teacher]” and not “[drunk] [[hot yoga] [teacher]]” And didn’t think there was anything weird about that reading at all.


Because she admits to drinking a “blackout” inducing amount of alcohol. She’s taking the blame for that one herself, and I appreciate her honesty on this one.


I honestly didn’t know that “hot yoga” was a thing. I thought this woman was accused of being hot.

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hetero(sexual) is for opposite-sexual (attraction), boy is for male.

If the boy is question is not cis, but transgendered and identifies as male, and is attracted to the opposite sex (females), breasts might well weight into the equation.

However, there are 15 year hetero boys who identify as leg- or butt- men instead of breast-men, so the sought-for explanation may not be proffered.

(I await a third-degree pendant’s analysis.)

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Wish it had happened to me at that age, I’d have thought of myself as the luckiest person alive.


So boy is an “identifies as” label? Like man, but not like male?

I wish the language I learned in school (in the yards, not the class) wasn’t proving so inadequate and out-of-date, already.

Dan Savage wrote about this recently…

Well, speaking of yoga teachers and rape, here’s an article about what happened to mine:


But I guess he wasn’t so “lucky” since it was a dude that did it to him and not a lady.


This was a bar mitzvah, so we have some evidence at hand that the boys in question had self-identified culturally as men – “היום אני אדם” – and all that.


In a society that celebrates and obsesses on sex to the point of making anyone, even a minor surrounded by peers, not ready to engage or enjoy the offerings of drunk adults to be of of questionable orientation perhaps queer or even asexual.
I was offered sex by a desperate but actually quite attractive and never rejected neighbor girl who I had turned down several times a few months after my bar mitzvah(age 13).
The guilt and stress which really ruined the summer and a year of my life, it and her publicizing the turndown really turned me into the more introverted geek I was in high school that I was simply not ready but due to peer conditioning I felt terribly guilty that I was somehow a broken male for not taking advantage of the thing that every red blooded man craved. After two years of being relegated to the status of known teen midwest homosexual in the 80s even a move across the US didn’t really raise my social standing, I was a cowed dork, that social upgrade was waiting in college.
She and I were stupid kids playing with matches, it was a problem especially the later bullying, but this adult is offering sex to a group where peer pressure and age both make any claim of consent as questionable as it would be for an underage girl pressured by her friends to engage in acts with an adult male.
I wish that kids… and adults were allowed to do sexual stuff on their own timeline rather than having to prove something to their peers or to society.


I hear ya. I definitely meant I wished for the good kind, not the crummy kind.

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Could be worse


Sometimes in more ways than one:


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I know someone who was fifteen or sixteen when he had sex with a teacher at his school. He has no regrets or long-lasting trauma from the experience. On the other hand, there are certainly fifteen and sixteen year olds who have been abused by their teachers, no question. A sex act with a willing teenager is not ipso facto abusive. Otherwise teenagers are abusing the crap out of each other. I understand that there is a power dynamic at play, and that it can very quickly escalate into something harmful. I don’t think that adults should be having sex with underage teens as a general rule. But, exposed breasts is not abuse, unless European beaches have a rampant abuse scandal that we have yet to uncover.

As for fellatio, it depends on the context. But a drunk woman, even an adult drunk woman, is easily taken advantage of. Fifteen year olds are capable of rape. I’m not saying that’s what happened, or even that I have a clue as to what happened, but I think we’ve elevated the fact that teenagers have sexual urges to the level of national panic, unnecessarily. I don’t want this to turn into a discussion of “who raped who,” but instead we should consider that not all sexual improprieties rise to the level of “crime” writ-large. It’s a difficult argument in the context of a culture steeped in endemic sexual assault, where victims are already not taken seriously, but I do think there is a somewhat illogical attitude when it comes to the boundary areas of our conceptions of sexual morality and acceptability.

Part of the problem is that we don’t have a justice system that seems to be capable of making sober assessments about the level of harm involved, the deterrent effect needed, and the whether the accused should be rehabilitated or removed from society for some period of time. What we have are prohibitively expensive legal economies, mandatory sentencing rules, sex offender registries, and a culture of absolutism.


I think you need to read the article again. There was a) exposure, which is all you seem to have read.

There was also b) touching while laughing and then c) a sex act purported with one of them.

Which is statutory rape. (allegedly)

Please, maybe don’t undermine when rape is on the table? Disagree, but DO examine any need you have to call strangers liars (or otherwise undermine strangers) when your own discomfort is all that is at stake for you.

What other stake but your own discomfort do you have in it? And are you aware that rape victims, for the most part, can be retraumatized by exposure to attitudes like that… because they’ve encountered it before… and it may be a human shortcoming, but it’s not the victims shortcoming.


Puritan America really needs to openly and honestly look at how we teach our kids about sex. An informed kid will be less likely to fall victim to actions they know are wrong. …especially if the kids know they will be heard if they speak out.
We also need to consider what as “Sex Act” really means. Throwing the sex offender label on a drunk boy peeing under the bleachers at a high school game is worlds away from the kid who is forced into intercourse by her pedophile uncle. Both the boy and the uncle will show up a registered sex offenders however.

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No, it’s a legal defintition. We don’t -need- to do that. You need to for some reason about which I feel zero need to speculate on.

Throwing the sex offender label on a drunk boy peeing under the bleachers at a high school game is worlds away from the kid who is forced into intercourse by her pedophile uncle. Both the boy and the uncle will show up a registered sex offenders however.

What a load of horse shit, and you know it.

probably… I mean, what are the chances? Why is it even illegal if it’s so clearly not traumatic?

From Surprising Things That Could Make You a Sex Offender, for example:

  1. Peeing in public. At least 13 states require sex offender registration for public urination, according to Human Rights Watch’s comprehensive review of sex offender laws in 2007. Two of those states specify that the urination must happen in front of a minor.