Network cancels 19 Kids TV show after child sexual abuse revelations

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Well, that took entirely too long.


Indoctrination runs deep. I imagine there is far more fear than love in that family.

At 19 kids the odds just added up, like rolling dice, sexual abuse is super prevalent, and it is usually someone the assaulted knows. The difference is the parents went to the police so we know about it.
I sometimes wonder if the police is the best route for the assailant and/or the assaulted.
Now the assaulted has been outed with her assailant.
Ideal is no assault happening, but how do you effectively stop kids and teens mostly hormone surging confused males, how can you properly teach everyone during that conversion from greedy animal to adult human?
I don’t know the answer, but the situation now looks like trench warfare.


I find the serial procreation much more disturbing than the sexual abuse.

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Much more? Really?


When I read the headline I was all, why did they cancel so many shows? Then after glancing at the article I was all, ooooooh it said “19 Kids TV show,” not shows. :slight_smile:


I read this as “19 kid’s TV shows canceled” and was momentarily blown away by the scale of this scandal.



Sexually abusing young girls is LESS disturbing than consensual sex that turns out a scary number of children? Really?


Statistically less disturbing, yes. Sexual abuse is everywhere. Spewing out 19 children notsomuch. It takes a true psychopath to make so many children, less so to molest. I’m not condoning abuse, but I do find the parent’s choices more disturbing. By the way “consensual” according to American Christian conservatives can be highly subjective.

How do you effectively stop this? Well, the first step is to teach them that it is inappropriate to sexually touch somebody without their consent (ie when they are sleeping, which I am now calling “The Duggar”). The second step is to not cover it up when it happens, like the Duggars did. They didn’t go to the police, they went to a family friend who was a state trooper (oh and bee-tee-dubs: also a pedophile) and had him put Josh to work doing some manual labour, to “get him back on the right path”. It was only later, after somebody else called the police on them, that the police were actually properly involved.

Also: calling them “hormone surging confused males” implies that they have no control over their own actions, which is just… I have no words.


Well, the whole premise of a life of that choice is fear of God first.

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Not to mention the implications of the ills that overpopulation brings to the world. Degraded environment, scarcer resources = more poverty, violent crime (sexual assaults, rapes, murders, muggings, armed robberies etc.) & an increased likelihood of warfare. So yeah, in a way it is more disturbing. Enough of us dumb humans keep doing dumb stuff like having 19 f&ing kids*, and you can count on many more people living lives of suffering.

As culpable as a minor can be, the overwhelming majority of sexual abusers are men and teen males, even thought we are supposedly teaching consent from preschool. The testosterone drops hard on some kids, especially those who are still learning impulse control. In too many cases instructions bounce off of teens and the legal system recognizes this. It is not so easy as tell them and they will all be good. FWIW I also am of the opinion that patriarchy is hard wired into male brains and it takes hard work, training, and using the upper brain to override caveman through reptile power dynamic instinct, IMHO it takes time to do that and crime happens in the mean time.
We do need to work harder to make violating consent more unpalatable and less acceptable(unacceptable), but some will still offend.
Something still needs to be done with these men and boys, some products of abuse themselves, but our current legal system is so messed up I am not sure who it ends up helping, it is more about hurting the accused(those we do not like) as badly as the law allows than protecting anyone.
I consider this a public health problem like drugs(but with different consequences), the offender, offended, and family all need intensive treatment without involving the American max-punishment system. In the case of this abuse between minors I think the offender needs to be moved out of the home to a safe controlled housing situation(hard to do properly, see Stanford prison experiment), not a now standard juvenile peer-rape incarceration and abuser PhD training facility, for inpatient care. The offended obviously also needs to be given the option of inpatient care, intensive counselling, and an option to separate from the family. This is expensive, especially the ultra-unpopular fixing the abuser vs raping him into a super abuser part, so it will not be seen in a backward place like the US who until last year as a national entity didn’t even think cancer, diabetes, or AIDS were worth treating with actual doctors and hospitals unless $$$.


Dunno but calling the police in any delicate problem situation doesn’t seem like the best idea after what I saw/read about US Law Enforcements usual modus operandi. At least when the problem doesn’t call for “FIRE! KILL IT! DIE DIE DIE!”.

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Maybe I’m feeling a bit crank today, but I find that a bit rich. Seems somewhat disingenuous to flock to funding/advertising trashy, exploitative “reality” TV shows and then all of the sudden find ethics…

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the Duggars have not completely severed their relationship with the network: TLC is planning to air an hour-long, commercial-free documentary on childhood sexual abuse — a program that the network says will “include Jill and Jessa and other survivors and families that have been affected by abuse.”

Maybe TLC, you should just walk away from this shitshow instead of doubling down. The victims didn’t ask to be abused, haven’t vociferously denounced their attacker, and the family still seems to be taking a ‘meh’ attitude towards the whole thing. (I think that’s referred to ask “taking it very seriously”).

Telling victims and abusers to ask God for forgiveness to absolve the sin does more harm than good…these freaks need to disappear from the Mass Media market, full stop.


Do not rejoice. We are not rid of these people. They’re merely repackaging to have the girls host a molestation thing. Then probably showcase their lives. All under the watchful eye of their parents, sponsors, friends of their parents, and yea. Any response is going to be coerced because for these girls they are still in fear of breaking the facade that everything is happy and dandy and chipper and any sign of anything other than meek submissiveness is bad in their little cult.

The Duggers have always struck me as… wrong. If one of their girls gave a frontal hug or kiss or even holding hands with someone they’re engaged to they would call damnation and hellfire. Yet their son goes and does shit to their daughters and ‘we forgive him.’ and it’s all good?

I first saw this family get a free compound and tv exposure from that ‘let’s build people weird as hell houses’ show. If you took the morality involved in forcing a woman to have kid after kid after kid and be nothing but subservient to some screwhead that wants his own compound of loyal drones they’ve done incredibly well repackaging this family over and over again not just as a brand unto themselves, but the sponsorship deals and endorsements.

This is the faith they practice:

TLC continues to teach… new and inventive ways for me to be disgusted in humanity and disappointed at lack of positive action. Feel free to believe as you will, but this is not a show for a network started by NASA I have fond memories of giving actual interesting and educational content even in the 90s after being bought by discovery networks.


They’ll be fine, they’re white.

Most parents manage it. It’s not actually that hard, you just have to care about raising decent men.

In fact it should be infinitely EASIER for parents who don’t allow their children to have access to outside culture: TV, internet, magazines, non-Quiverfull friends, etc. are so carefully monitored/prohibited in that family that they don’t even have the excuse of outside influences overriding their parenting.

No…in this case, it’s all on them.