Sisters of serial child molester Josh Duggar: when he molested us, he was “very sly”

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Seriously, tho, I couldn’t watch more than 4 mins of it. I shudder to think of the people for whom this will justify their “boys will be boys” worldview.


Things get really infuriating when victims victim-blame themselves. And then cast their abusers as the “real” victims.

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Fox News is used by conservatives much like a drunk uses a lamppost: for support, not illumination.

Apologies to someone, apparently Vin Scully.


Ladies and germs, I give you: Ideological Self-Imprisonment.


This is what brain-washed people look and sound like, and I’m not being funny here! I deeply feel empathy for any victim of molestation, including the Duggar girls. The Duggar parents are culpable for the victims and the molester, Dog help them!

PS. I did say DOG…


When do they actually do that though? They say that it wasn’t as bad for them as for other people in the sense that they didn’t know that it happened, while for others the actual event was much more traumatic. They are pretty clear that this was an active choice by Josh and that it was not their fault. They call themselves the victims and never call Josh a victim (except in the sense that the whole family is made victims by people who are exposing the story (in their view) in order to attack the family’s beliefs rather than out of of any interest in the victims’ welfare). They defend their parents’ actions, because unlike what many people here have claimed, there was no “boys will be boys” attitude. The parents did what they could to protect the girls inside the house, taught them about inappropriate touch and other behaviour and were clear with the victims about what had happened and that it was wrong. They took Josh out of the house for counselling and then to the police station to give a full confession. The victims forgive Josh, largely because forgiveness and restoration are fundamental parts of their belief system. They are clear that this does not mean restoration of the trust that was betrayed.

I’m not saying that the family and their beliefs aren’t creepy as hell and the women are clearly working hard to defend their family’s reputation, but I see this more as a family trying to come to terms with abuse and betrayal of trust and protect the victims without abandoning another child who is also vulnerable.


Yeah but he repented and sought forgiveness, so, y’know, there’s that.

Seriously: what the hell, America.

If I had a dollar every time I said that regarding the Duggars, you know…

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Correct me if other information has come out, but the sisters claim that nobody (including those who were awake) realised what was happening at the time or complained of abuse. I don’t know of any separate accusations that were made (apart from the tip off, which seems to have come from the report rather than any first hand information), which means that basically the only things we know about any of these events are based on Josh’s own confessions to multiple authority figures, including the police. Of course this makes it all much more suspect, but it does speak against the idea that Josh or the rest of the family saw these actions as in any way normal or acceptable.

The second police report ( also suggests that they chose not to send Josh directly to the police not because they wanted to shelter him from the consequences of his actions, but rather because they feared that this would have the effect of criminalizing someone who could be reached in a more personal way. Maybe they were right, although the counselling and teaching he had at home and church doesn’t seem to have taken away the idea that he could be an authority on family issues in spite of his past.


I couldn’t even make two and half minutes.

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I say we nuke the entire family from orbit.

It’s the only way to be sure.

Seriously, did they think this would make Josh look better? If you have to lock up your kids because your own son molested your daughters, then that’s a problem. If you don’t think your parents putting you on TV would make this come out at some point. I feel bad for them, but their parents have terrible judgement, which is unfortunate.

But Megyn Kelly’s face is priceless throughout this. Just when I want to punch things over this, her weird facial expressions come on and it’s calming, which I never thought I’d say about her.

…damn. Those poor young women and their inevitable asshole husbands…

This is how this shit persists.

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If you want to be the poster children for the benefits of homeschooling (which they mention at least once per episode), then PLEASE, learn effing ENGLISH–especially the proper use of the word “whenever”. I typically let that go with other reality stars because I feel like TV makes them stupid (that’s not to say that the Duggars are the brightest stars in the sky to begin with, because they’re rather ignorant at best), but since the Duggars don’t watch TV, then hearing them say “whenever this first happened to me” every other sentence, combined with the fact that every child put “English” as their “favorite subject” on the police report really annoys the crap out of me. Perhaps public education could have taught them how to speak American English rather than stupid. Just a thought.

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