Homophobic pastor arrested for squeezing man's genitals in park



His name is Gaylard? Are we sure this isn’t the Onion?


If this were the Onion it would be funny. Maybe the Daily Currant.

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I’ve got to confess, this is so weak that I honestly read it as: “The Praise Cathedral Crutch of God”. XD

This is just sad. Our popular belief systems actively get in the way of living a full life, and this guy is going through hell for it.


Yeah, I kind of feel sorry for him too. However, he probably knows his homophobic ranting is passing his own tortures onto others, so that makes him an asshole… which is sad so I start feeling sorry for him again.


Can you say “reaction formation?”


Slapped the snark right out of me. Thanks, I think I needed that.


I can feel sorry for people who go through hell; less sorry for those who drag others through with them.

It sounds like he did a fair amount of the latter, unfortunately.


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Opened and Dragoned, it seems :smiley:

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Seems to have worked pretty well in this case when the trolls dragged out the old (and disproved) “homosexuality=pedophilia, we need to protect the childrens” argument…


I still don’t get how people cling to that like it’s the same thing. Or what world they live in where they out number the straight molesters and pedophiles.

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I have read some gobsmackingly stupid debates which propose this kind of equivalence. It’s mostly just a lazy / deceptive way to lump things together and complain about something by virtue of complaining about a different, unrelated thing. I have even read legislative debates in the US south which propose stuff like this. “Most people here have their personal ethics informed by Christianity, and since the bible forbids bestiality we should ban sex toys, because it’s all the same thing.” It’s more concerned with simply classifying certain activities as “deviant”, rather than understanding what real benefits or disadvantages there many be to them.

It’s not unusual to hear the same arguments used to discredit other groups. Most Jews are communists, most unemployed people are drug addicts, etc. I can’t argue against category Y, but I can argue against category Z - then we can just transfer that back over to category Y.


I always wonder about the ones who protest overmuch.


I heard he was refused service at a touchless car wash.


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I don’t. It’s 2014. Fuck this guy.

Our popular belief systems actively get in the way of living a full life

This is bullshit. What “popular belief system”? The one where marriage equality is a thing even in states like Arizona? No, this is NOT a "“popular belief system.” It’s a MINORITY belief system.^

It’s 2014. If you are still a raging homophobe, the reason has NOTHING AT ALL to do with a “popular belief system” and instead willful ignorance and an inability to accept that times have changed.

^Obviously we still have a ways to go when it comes to equality (trans* rights, for example). That said, saying that homophobia is “the popular belief system” is incorrect, not to mention it furthers the notion that it’s the “normal thing” to be homophobic, when it’s really not, except for a minority of the population. Claiming it’s “the popular belief system” only gives credence to the minority.

This guy is clinging to outdated bigoted bullshit that is being perpetuated by an increasingly shrinking minority – not a popular belief system.