Baptist pastor praises Orlando shooter for killing gays


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Fuck Today

Does it sound like someone is in need of a quick refresher course on that whole “love thy neighbor” concept?



“The [pastor] doth protest too much, methinks.”

And (obligatory): Christ, what an asshole.


Late stage Bapitalism?



Christ, what an unChrist-like Christian.



When is this God-less secular den of inequity that these fuckheads keep claiming the U.S. is finally going to arrive?


Radical Islam! Radical Islam! Radical Islam!

Did that change anything? Oh well, I tried. Maybe some prayer and another moment of silence will do the trick.


I really had hoped that we could make it through the day without this kind of regressive asshole spouting his disgusting bullshit. But alas it was not to be…


Sounds like this pastor is begging someone to kill him


Wow, everyone’s sure showing him, what with all the interviewing and quoting and discussing.

A bunch of attention was I’m sure the LAST thing he wanted.


Man, I must be getting old and cynical. Well, I’ve always been cynical, so I must just be getting old. The morning I heard the news, I said to my wife, does this mean all the anti-muslim assholes aregoing to have to pretend to be sympathtic to the gay victims? Apparently, the answer is, no, they’re not going to pretend.


So by transitive property… if “radical islam” is for killing gays, and baptist pastors are for killing gays… does that mean that baptist pastors are for “radical islam”??? So confused…



Holy shit balls!


Yes, obviously they’re not using enough lube and/or just trying to jam it in there!


Someone’s looking for that sweet sweet Westboro Baptist money.


David J Manning; isn’t that the batshit crazy “preacher” who thinks Starbucks intentionally puts semen in their lattes?

Last I heard, his church was facing foreclosure for failure to pay property taxes.