Texas pastor says the government should shoot gay people "in the back of the head" (video)

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I’m not a religious person, but it’s still good advice.


No-one has the excuse of claiming afterwards that they didn’t know what the Xtianists had planned once their politicians took power.


“I want them all dead but I haven’t got the guts to do it myself, so I want a kangaroo court to sentence them to death for the crime of being who they are. It’s very important to me to go through the motions of doing the absolute bare minimum to give the appearance of due legal process. Did I mention that I’m a spineless coward?”


At least Henry II was smart enough to phrase his “turbulent priest” execution order as a question.


I wouldn’t mind if this person was dead, but I still wouldn’t want anyone to do it, especially not the government. Ideally the god he claims to believe in could call some of his wayward supporters back in.


And yet our government deems them essential enough to our society that they don’t have to pay taxes.


Someone need to give a look on Matthew 5, 21:22.

But I doubt if those guys Bibles had contact with any other thing than their sweaty hands and armpits


People like this are going to cause (ETA more) stochastic terrorism and are the mask off of too many Christo-fascists. :confused:


Not sure about this particular jackass “pastor”, but seems like a lot of similar hate-spewing religious types have a few skeletons in their closet. Someone needs to open that door.


The idea of spending eternity in Heaven with people like this is not the selling point they think it is.


No. Please don’t pretend homophobia is all just some problem of self-hating gay people. It’s very much not, and straight people need to take responsibility for this hatred too.



They already are causing it and have been for quite a while now.


Anti-human death cult :100:

I hope hearing the words of Christians turns more people from the sick morally bankrupt belief system that creates genocidal maniacs like this.


The mental gymnastics necessary to construe promoting violent murder of homosexuals into not-hateful, abhorrent, fascist, and violent speech baffles the mind.

I guess being pedantic with semantics is all you need attain a moral high ground these adays.


“We just want them dead.”
“The police should arrest them, put them in jail… and convicted [sic] of death.”
“‘Pastor Dylan wants to kill all homos’… is that what he actually said?”

Yes, according to you it is, and it’s a description of your own stance as well. The dude is so intent on defending himself and his murderous buddies by splitting hairs, he forgot which hairs he was splitting. Yeah dude, you expressed your collective desire, in multiple ways, to have people killed. If the characterization of your collective remarks was “they personally want to murder people,” you could try to split some hairs, but that would still also be pretty fair, as you’ve made it clear you desperately want it, you just don’t have the courage of your twisted convictions to do it yourself.

“If you’re going to follow the Bible…”

Yeah, but why start now? Ignoring 99% of the Bible (and taking the rest out of context) is your whole thing, after all…

I’ve seen historians point out that even the Nazis weren’t so extreme in their public rhetoric before they took power. Imagine how much worse they’ll actually be.

Less “skeletons in the closet” and more “walk-in catacombs.”


You should know that this is very much a homophobic trope, though. That the only reason gay people would be attacked would be because of someone’s own shame about being gay. Quite a lot of straight people are driving homophobia, rather than it being closet cases. Even if some do contribute to homophobia, they are in the vast minority, and their actions are absolutely shaped by straight homophobia.


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