Baptist minister who praised nightclub shootings resigns after great night out


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The Xtian Right in nutshell. If only there really were a hell so they could be sent to the Firth Circle where they belong.



Unfortunate choice of words at 1:02:39


(No, I didn’t watch the whole thing and don’t want to. Just random clicking through for a few seconds landed on that.)


Jacked Jesus on the cross must be crying into his pre-work out shake…


Is this shocking to anyone? Really? How often do we have to see that the folks who scream loudest about the evils of whatever are just hiding their own sins. Projection is absolutely baked into the pie.


You misspelled steadfast.

Also, what’s that part about baptism? That whole sentence made no sense?




I remember joking with my friends that all those raging homophobe preachers must be gay. Then news story after news story made it seem like it wasn’t a joke.

Lots of people hate what they perceive to be immorality in their spare time. To get up on stage and hate if professionally it seems like you must be thinking about it an awful lot.


I’m not getting a happy ending?


It’s a solid hour and twenty of hypocritical horse shit. You really can just skip through and land on little gems every time.


“The dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of CRUELTY!”

such as Stedfast Baptist church?


White Christian? You’re good.


I’m so not. But in their eyes I’m doomed many, many times over. Meh.


Isn’t it spelled steadfast? I guess they wanted some wiggle room on actually following Jesus’s example?


We’re so doomed that we’re actually saved. It’s like a double negative.

You just have to make sure and always follow up your fornicating and idolatry with more idolatry and fornicating.


“Insert Jesus Dildo [pic] Here.”


So he’s anti-gay, but pro-Islamic State?


Belief aside, I’ve never understood why so many people associate spirituality with being yelled at by an angry guy.


Y’all Qaeda


Whenever a Christian pastor says something egregiously intolerant about one or other group of “sinners”, a clock starts running, counting down the minutes until they’re caught naked in a Motel 6 with an underage rentboy and a duffelbag full of meth. The more outrageous the things they said, the faster the clock runs out.

Karma takes no prisoners.