Baptist minister who praised nightclub shootings resigns after great night out


Proof that He works in mysterious ways.


I think you’re missing the alternate meaning of “happy ending”.


A pox on him. And not just an ordinary pox, but a genetically engineered weaponized pox.


And why not? American fundamentalist “Christians” have so much in common with fundamentalists of other flavors of Abrahamic religion.


It was a little shocking to me. From what I’m reading, the prostitutes he hired were women.


And goddammit if he didn’t actually pay them too!


OK, yeah I will go with that. He actually was into straight sex!! Might get him thrown out of the evangelical club if that gets around!!


That’s the Old Testament in a nutshell no?


While it wasn’t really the start of my atheism, I track the roots of my formal break with organised religion to just this: wondering why I was voluntarily spending time sitting in a stuffy room listening to an angry guy scolding me and the others for being horrible ingrates.

As a teenager I started just walking out on the sermons, and then just decided to skip the services altogether.


Rob, don’t you mean ‘Baptist?’



Despite our devilish good looks and charming personalities, I’m afraid I have rather less red hair. :wink:




Reminds them of home. It’s the only type of authority with credibility for some.


Wow. Nicely done.


You went straight for the “low hanging” fruit with that one.


It probably already is, given the company he keeps.


Well, those two things are welded together.


I love that word and I’m stealing it.


I can’t listen to any length of this shit, but in just the minute following your clip, he starts going into How Bad It Is for many people.

I think, Yes, he’s reminding us that, even if we are not suffering, there are plenty of others who are, so keep that in mind, christians.

But No, it was just another pile of steaming shit: sure, there are plenty of others who are suffering. But they are suffering because they are non-christians.

You can lead a pastor to logic, but you can not make him think.