Old payphones becoming "masturbation stations" in NYC


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They’d run less risk of being shut down if they were called “prayer stations.”


Masturbating on a public street … what could possibly go wrong?

So, who cleans these things??


Hmmmm… Right now, I am genuinely (I am not making this up!) trying to find ways to pad out my class on the US telephone system. Hmmmmm…


Who is actually going to use this service? Apparently there is a market, but if you’re happy to rub one out in a tiny and clearly labelled box in the middle of a busy street, you probably have many more convenient locations available to you for free as you clearly aren’t overly concerned about discretion. Thanks, but I’ll, uh… take my business elsewhere.


And how often?


where is Superman when you need him?


Aaaannd we are done! Millie, you receive one Golden Internet for the day.


I’d blame this whole thing on Supes! Wasn’t he always undressing in phone booths?


I personally would never use one, but sounds good to me. If it can redirect some of the public masturbation into a single destination designed for the purpose, that would be an improvement. Public masturbation is going to happen (particularly among people whose home is in public, i.e. the homeless) it might as well be done in a safe, unobtrusive and semi-organized manner. This will probably cut down the lines at restrooms (though men’s lines are already pretty short…) Sadly, as soon as it is well known what these spots actually are, they might attract protest…

Easier to find that out for a single, purpose-built source than for the myriad other places public masturbation happens: subway cars, bathrooms, buses, etc…

Are there any religions whose central meditative practice is masturbation? seems like such an oversight if there isn’t. I took a class in college call “Devotion and Poetry in Hinduism” which was basically poems written by saints about their profound erotic relationship with Hindu gods. They were mostly women authors, but there has to be a sect of something out there where the devoted have weekly devotional circles.


The Church of the Circle Jerk?


When you say it out loud like that, I guess that’s all of them…


That was Clark Kent. Totally different guy.


I think that’s what’s known in the industry as a “Wank Wink.”


Would you call such beliefs catejhism?


Any guesses why this is marketed as a male service? Is masturbation a heavily gendered activity?

“GuyFi”, indeed…


Anyone who’s lived in New York for any length of time has come across the unexpected and unpleasant site of the “street masturbater” on multiple occasions.

  1. Public masturbation DOES seem to be a pretty exclusively male activity. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a woman arrested for public masturbation.

  2. This is a publicity stunt by a company that makes male-oriented sex toys.



Sex-based ritual tends to be quite underground. There tend to be many for it (who lack the discipline to do it ritually), and against (because if their religion is sex-negative, yours should be too). So the middle of people who really do it seems to be a small population, or they are just really quiet about it.

The most open discussions of meditative masturbation I am aware of tend to be in Western and American occultism. But most of the sexual aspects tend to be quite gendered and archetypal. In the popular spew-age neo-tantra there tends to be a lot of focus on sex and orgasm, but from what I’ve seen lacks the more powerful meditative or ritual techniques.