Man demonstrating his catcall repertoire is surprised to learn no one likes it



Astronaut pays homage to Star Trek’s most famous female captain

john leguizamo, catcalls? haha


I have a cousin with low self esteem who claims to enjoy getting catcalls. She’s easy to spot on Facebook because she’s apparently incapable of taking a selfie without cocking a hip and doing the duckface thing. Those two would make a nice couple.


“Man”? Shouldn’t that say “gentleman”?


We wouldn’t want this to be confused with “Florida Man”, after all.


Or “boy”? “Neanderthal”? “Subhuman”? “Irredeemable Ignoramus”?


Even better! My first instinct was to go with “asshole”, but I didn’t want to be rude.


What about “sexual predator”.


“Poster child for sexual harassment”?


“Another tool of systematic oppression”


It must be nice to be so completely unencumbered by self-awareness.


“another day ruined”

great closer!


I’m still upset about that one!


He’s says it’s even better to catcall from “far away because they’re not that scared.”

You know what the perfect distance would be? Several hundred miles east of New York City.


This headline is totally misleading. The gentleman learned nothing.


It’s good to see they are still making idiots, we need more of them. [note sarcasm]


That’s where the mating call comes in.


Oddly enough, I kinda have an inkling of how it feels, by virtue of the local smack dealers who spruik with whistles…

It’s unnerving; kinda makes you feel like either totally ignoring em or telling em to fuck off, depending on how intimidating it seems.



ETA: Or ghetto tourism?


NB4 all catcalls are intimidating and sexist.