In the olden days, creepy men would give "acquaintance cards" to women


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I can readily imagine someone releasing a very similar product today in a misguided attempt to address street harassment. In fact, I would be surprised if there isn’t already something being peddled out there already.

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That collection will never be complete without the …ahem… “Peter Longprong” card. Yes, that did exist.

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How apropos considering the discovery of the cache of Mark Twain stories. In Letters From The Earth there’s a “burlesque of books of etiquette” that includes a section on calling cards. It’s pretty dated, but this helps bring back some of the humor.

Incidentally the opening piece, At The Funeral, remains the funniest thing I’ve ever read.


Wow, these are surprisingly modern in how creepy they are. I guess this shit never changes.


Thank goodness we live in a more enlightened age. Now if you’ll excuse me, these pictures of my dick aren’t going to text themselves.


Remember catcall guy? Yeah, catcall guy thinks the ladies love these.


Olden days, bah.

More like the last thing I remember before she decked me.

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Nothing makes a woman feel special like catching the notice of a guy who has his pick-up lines mass produced.

Also, I understand these were all the rage for a while back in 2012:


I think these things need to be seen in the context of “calling cards”.

Or to put it in another way, do our contemporary, non creepy ways of getting to know someone have a direct analogue in 19th century etiquette?


Jeebus, someone really needs an update in how a modern society works. Where’s the QR Code?!


Agreed. We’re dealing with an entirely different set of etiquette rules; who knows if these were considered creepy at the time?

(I mean, I’m sure someone has researched this and actually knows the answer, but pictures of the cards with an opinion that they’re creepy doesn’t tell us what the intended recipients thought of them.)


One of my pet dislikes are articles that sneer at the customs of previous generations. In this case there is a suggestion that somehow we are better in these days of internet revenge porn and chat rooms with 50 year old men posing as 16 year old kids . At least the cards were up front . If the lady did not like the look of the card giver she could drop it in the nearest bin.


I don’t see much here to warrant the assumption that such cards were only for men to give to women. The only specific labeling is that the first card makes reference to “girls”. But they could be exchanged between anybody. They are only as sexist as your imagination.

I’m no expert in gender relations of that time, but it’s hard to imagine many women giving them to men.


I’m pretty sure saying “If you won’t walk with me, I’ll just be watching you” is creepy no matter the time period.


“Oh can’t you seeeee, you belong to meeeee.”


I feel like that song has super untapped horror movie potential.


That one definitely made me cringe. But TBH I thought the two after it were kind of cute. Nicer than a trite and possibly inappropriate pickup line, anyway.

I am going to make a tranche of these and give them to every VC I meet.

But depending on their, let’s say attitude, there may be series A, B, and C rounds.

Oh, and don’t call me, I’ll call you.

(Too meta?)

Edit: and don’t you just want to pass one to those beautiful Angels?

(I’ll stop now)