In the olden days, creepy men would give "acquaintance cards" to women

Space for rent - Your stereotype here!

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Looked like reassurance that he’d stand back regretfully. and not chase her, and watch her leave with some other guy. Likely a pop culture reference?
This meaning is made clearer on similar cards in the collection.

Contextually, then: non-creepy.


Yet two of them appear to have women’s names on.

Interestingly, one is from “Alice Ramsey” to “Miss Smith” (though the ‘Miss’ is part of the preprinting, so perhaps was for a Mr?); another is from “Anna ‘Butch’ Engle”.

These make me wonder, were these cards part of the lesbian scene back then?


I used flash cards on the ladies…

It was the only way that I could figure out how to work my impressive Excel skills into the conversation…


I can’t tell if the men were worse in this way or if printers were more industrious in this way.

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I dunno… but that is something that is eminently find-out-able. I’m sure someone wrote about them at the time. I have a sense that it wasn’t considered all that creepy. Some of these were actually meant to lampoon stodgy or overly formal calling cards and were designed to get a laugh. I can’t help but feel that a society where one couldn’t be seen alone with a member of the opposite without causing a scandal might have embraced these on some level.


Just last week I got a long, rambling love note from a complete stranger on Facebook. Like “I just want you to know that there is a little heart in here that cares for you a lot” and how he’s “seen me around” (Facebook, I hope, since his stated location was 1000 miles away).

It’s certainly not any less creepy than these cards.

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I call bullshit. None of these even mention M’lady on there.

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I once gave a woman of no acquaintance of mine a Valentine’s Day card. I had seen her walk past my work and was really crushing. But no pretext for an introduction. So I wrote a card saying that I found her striking and would like to get to know her if she was available and interested. Handed it to her on VD, and never heard anything about it.

Now: Was I being creepy? How does one go about meeting a stranger when you’re attracted to them? I can chat up anyone if I’m not interested in them, but if I think they are cute I just can’t figure out where to begin.

The Art of Manliness has an article on both types of calling cards; those formal, and not so formal. The second article references Alan Mays throughout, as does the article which spawned this thread.
I suppose the level of creepiness of the cards varied by perception of the lady receiving them.

Then how creepy does that make tinder or a dick pic?

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It seems like the next-to-last one wouldn’t be so bad (for a more formal time and place), if it wasn’t for the picture of the rings. That’s just weird.

“M’acquaintance card, M’lady!”


Probably he was reading some pap like .

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No, in those days if a woman liked a man she’d do something like drop her handkerchief in front of him. If he liked her then he’d pick it up for her.

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And with the context of all the formality and social etiquette of the time, these cards don’t look so weird.

It’s really hard to be creepy with two frogs.

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May have been a bot. I am getting emails from such strangers. The IPs usually go to Russia or to some botnet.

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It could be certainly constructed as a death threat. “Give me attention or you’ll croak.”


Lots of Police songs do.