Apparently, I'm not easy to recognize in person




Wow, Jason, you are looking pretty buff, dude.


Now with HAIR!


this is hilarious. anyway, I could pass Ariana Huffington in the street without realizing who she is, too. although I get that she’s in the public eye. if you’re into following those kind of things.


“Great on paper…and even better in bed!”

If the protagonist is a blogger, he’s not really great on paper, now, is he?


Look, good against remotes is one thing. Good against the living? That’s something else.


Wait…I’m not supposed to be printing Boingboing out to read it?


I had to know, so I read the Amazon excerpt.

Apparently the heroine starts a series of Hot Guys New York Trading Cards, like baseball cards, explaining the “great on paper” reference, and also explaining the cover tagline “It’s trading men!” riff on the song “It’s raining men!”


Ah - I just assumed there was a bond trader element that led to that riff. I like the idea of man-cards much better, and suggest we start making them real right away.


Jo Leigh sounds like a porn name.


Or one of Santa Claus’s many pseudonyms.


Starting with…“The Men of BoingBoing”.


Cory will obviously be wearing his cape and goggles, anything else is optional.


a) Congratulations (!) or (??)

b) My roommate in college and I used to play a little game where we gave the hot campus guys names like characters on a deck of Go Fish cards - Terrific Troy, Loveable Larry, and such. I believe this author might be infringing on our original idea with this hot man card thing.


An oldie but a goodie. I’ve wanted to make trading cards for all my friends ever since the “Greenhouse Emissions Footprint” bit, but I chose to have friends instead…


This is amazing.


I hope you don’t mind.

Also, Jo Leigh’s not my porn name. That’s Cookie LaBouche.


Inclusion in a romance novel comes right after “Be burnt in effigy” on my bucket list! Thank you for making a dream come true.


Are you sure that’s the title? I think it’s called “Blaze Jo Leigh” by someone named “Choose Me”.

I’ll just hide this down here> #badDesign


I recognized the name. I matter! I matter! At long last, I finally matter!!