Bell hooks feminist auto-responder for creepy guys



lol @ capitalizing hooks’ name. pretty fucking awesome agitprop though.

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thanks I learned a new word today; ‘agitprop’.

When I was in high school in the 80s, we memorized and gave out a dial-a-prayer number to guys.


This is never going to work now that the number’s been broadcast on every news site out there.

Really creepy guys don’t bother reading news sites.


I have a good memory for numbers, but I seriously doubt I’d recognize that one if you showed it to me out of context three days from now. I doubt your average creeper is much better.


Fixed that for you.

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Is grammar a relic of the patriarchal hegemony or something?

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I’m not sure if they still do it but one of the large radio stations over here (BBC Radio 1), used to have an answering machine that they gave the number for, and then would play back the entertaining messages that got left by confused would-be suitors, both male and female.

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Or women could just behave like they’re civilized and politely reject the request for a number. If you don’t want a guy to have your number because you’re not interested, a little polite honesty is much nicer and more respectful to him (and to yourself) than some BS number that leads to a feminist thing. That’s not going to make him feel better about things at all. And it’s not empowering you as a woman nearly as much as a simple polite “No. Thank you, but I’m not interested.” would. It’s still caving in to the old fashioned notion that a woman is obligated to give her number out even if she doesn’t want to.


And what do you do if the guy won’t take no for an answer? What if he gets angry? That’s the sort of thing we’re talking about.


Clever – but it undermines the principle of “No Means No”.

A deception? A verbal ploy to make someone go away?

Isn’t that another step in the dance?

A missed opportunity to set a good example by saying “No thank you, goodbye” at the most appropriate of times?

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Ah, I knew there would be at least one of you.

No tall men take “No, thank you” as an answer. One time I was thrown against the wall and choked.

True story.


Recently I told some guy, “FUCK OFF, go away” when he wouldn’t leave me alone, and he sat down anyway.

One time some guy threw me up against the wall and choked me when I said no. I REALLY wish I could have missed that opportunity.

Dude, it’s really not up to women to make sure guys behave and don’t act like jerks – or worse. Really, it’s not. Fuck opportunity. I just want to feel safe and comfortable and not be bothered or feel stressed out FOR MERELY EXISTING, and no, I don’t think it’s up to me to make sure a grown adult man acts right.

“Isn’t that another step in the dance.”

Some of those dances turn deadly. And why the hell should I feel obligated to “dance” for MERELY EXISTING?

Just because I’m out in public, it doesn’t mean I’m consenting toward some fucked up mating “dance”. I’m just trying to live my life.

You’re under the assumption that every interaction with men asking for numbers is desired or appropriate. And, no, merely drinking at a bar doesn’t mean I’ve conented to whatever vague “dance” you’ve come up with in your head.


That’s heightist.

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You say that like it’s a fact that when a woman says “no, sorry” politely she will be left alone.

50% of the population would like to clue you into a little fact: maybe sometimes it works, but more often the guy just gets worse.


You call security, the bouncer, the police, etc.

I’ve only ever in my life had two times when just declining politely was met with anything more than the guy walking away disappointed. Once, the guy called me a “lesbian bitch” (apparently anyone not interested in him,the only reasoning could be that they’re not interested in men at all LOL!). So what. I’ve been called worse. Big deal. I laughed. The other time, the guy just kept asking and then the bartender told him that he’d have to drop it or he’d be escorted out. So he slunk away back to play pool on the other end of the club. No big deal. Generally, a little human kindness and honesty really has it covered.

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I’m not sure why, but that really cracked me up. :slight_smile: Ah, yeah, typing too fast and not proofing will sometimes result in really great typos!!