Old payphones becoming "masturbation stations" in NYC


Fixed the headline:

Old payphones becoming “masturbation stations” in NYC getting an upgrade to better provide the service for which they’re already being used.


I think that arrests don’t provide useful metrics here. Victimless crimes are probably inconsistently reported and enforced, if there is no victim to complain about the activity. Also, anatomically, it is simply easier to see when males are masturbating as a consequence of their more outgoing genitalia. But just because it is easier for females to do doesn’t mean that they should be excluded from having nice facilities. And how about non-binary people?

Ah, so that’s the real reason! Still, I think that it works better as a real service than as a publicity stunt. Some urban franchise which induced or facilitated orgasms in people would probably do very well.


Snopes calls shenanigans:


Somebody call this guy!

But er, not from a pay phone.


Did someone say hot octopus?


I can’t believe I didn’t think of this earlier.


Not sure metrics are needed where common sense can inform…


Becoming masturbation stations? I was under the impression they already were. Maybe, “officially” becoming masturbation stations.

Or, is it “becumming” masturbation stations.

Sorry, couldn’t resist …


What’s their slogan, Reach around and touch somebody?


Perhaps not needed, as such, but such metrics can provide useful clues as to what aspects of “common sense” are truly commonplace, versus those which might instead be simply acculturated in certain people. A person of reason might become skeptical of those who seem to feel that their notions of common sense cannot be expected to withstand some scrutiny.

When I consider that sexuality, and especially masturbation, are amongst the most very common facets of human experience, I do wonder at how and why so many require suchlike to be hidden away. I am willing to concede that there may indeed be sound reasons for doing so, but these reasons are never disclosed. So I am tempted to wonder if mass-neuroses might not be more likely.


Old phone booths for masturbating = holodecks for the poor.


I see what you did there…



Is that you, Diogenes?


Mmm…tasty wordsalad! Dudes whack it more. Anyone other than Popobawa4u disagree?.


Brought to you by the Church of the Holy Autonomous Male Ejaculate: the Onans!


instead of the Bell logo, it’s a rusty trombone


they sell vibrating eggs with iPhone apps for discreet female public orgasms…several different products.
male masturbation is way more obvious of an activity and has no products that i know of.

men most likely do it way more, but there are enough females doing it for it to have its own market segment.


Why pay the phone when you can get the light for free?


You are free to disagree with my post. But to characterise it as “word salad” implies that what I wrote was lacking in any discernable meaning, which I think would be disingenuous.

I didn’t say that I disagree, I said that I have no evidence either way. And even if females or others masturbate less, this would not indicate why they can’t be just as easily accommodated.

As @micah explained, the sponsors are a company which markets male-oriented toys, so that’s the explanation. But I still think it would be a fine idea to push for something more inclusive.


Perhaps it was intended to be. But if so, it doesn’t present a substantial critique of my mentation. So rather than internalizing that possible meaning, I decided to address the text as presented.

As would be my offering it, if I were to do so. This time you are subjecting me to your inference. Recognizing a person’s freedom can be a courtesy, whereas the conceit of granting it to them would seem to me quite pompous.

I’m a Mobius stripper.