Captain America: “I want YOU to vaccinate your kids”




Why do we feel the need to use the F bomb on everything. The poster would be more powerful and useful without it.


True. And if it had to be used, I personally think it should precede the word vaccinate. But I agree wholeheartedly with the poster’s message.


Maybe it’s for the HPV vaccine?


Because it is a fucking intensifier.


Yes, it makes everything intensely more crass.


Nope. ‘Won’t somebody think of the fucking children’. It hammers home the object and the objection and the objection to the objection.

Quite fucking succinct.


1950 is calling and they want you to come home.

My dad was a ship welder. My step-dad was an electrician. You should hear them speak! I hate to break it to you but this “crass” speech is normal for much of America. Sorry it doesn’t meet your high standards.


Try re-reading it with this playing in the background. Should help.


What can I say? I strive for more.


Heh, my fundie dad, an electrician of 35 years has never once sworn that I know of. Also, he won’t tolerate any kind of foul language in his house. Especially not religious profanity, like “goddammit” or “holy shit”. He’s actually hit me in the face for saying “goddammit”.

I was in a decent mood, so I just yelled “Religiously motivated violence! You’re a terrorist now!” quickly slinking out of reach and scoffing at my own bad joke.


But, seriously, he’s a good Christian so he doesn’t swear but he hits his kid in the face for doing so. Yay, Christian values.


Eh, he’s an old man, and I’m in my mid 20s. He can’t hit that hard anymore.

He’d never hit some stranger or acquaintance. Just his kids. Hell, pretty much all I remember pre-puberty are the times I got spankings.

“Why do we always hurt the ones we hit?”


For the religious, values trump… well, values.


We call that “abuse” these decades.

Seriously. I’ve never hit my 19 year old.


Oh, I agree. I’m being sarcastic.

Of course, as far as my dad was concerned, not spanking the boys, and not putting them in their place, and not enforcing discipline is much worse child abuse. At least that’s what To Train up a Child says, and that’s almost as good as the “good” book (full of rape and genocide and incest and superstition) itself.



Having spent some formative years in Utah and with my dad from Wyoming, I know the type.


No, it’s not anymore. It’s used so casually that all it is is an annoying waste of a syllable.


My dad was a farmer. My Grandfather was an electrician and in the army in WWII. I have an uncle that was in the army and served in Vietnam. The “swears” I’ve heard from any of them in the last three decades total in only double-digits. Not being “crass” is a fairly mediocre standard, and “everybody does it” has never been a mature way to validate anything. There’s also a difference between how somebody might say that statement, vs how they would actually make a sign of it.

In any case, the word is 100% out of character for Captain America, and that causes the poster’s awesome-factor to drop to zero. It would have been amazing without it.


Exactly. That’s why it’s an intensifier. If it’s 100% out of character then juxtaposition has done it’s job.